Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I keep forgetting how TIGHT her vocals are!
Here's her acapella performance of Etta James' "At Last"..... Bathroom acoustics make it so intense!

At Last

Ms. MusiQ: This is my sh*t!

Phatfffat's 1st video!

She's come a long way from YouTube.... After getting signed to the So So Def family, she finally drops her first video! Congrats Dondria.

Dondria - You're The One

Ms. MusiQ: This isn't my favorite track but her vocals are mad smooth... Dope & fresh approved!

I'm confused...

Why are these big selling, multi-talented musicians putting out sub-par to SH*TTY music and $5.00 videos all of a sudden??

This sh*t is getting ridiculous! I don't know what R. Kelly is trying to do with his life right now but I'm gonna need him to stop letting his kids direct these garbage ass videos.....

R. Kelly - Echo

R. Kelly - Be My #2

"Be my #2.... but you'll never be my #1." <---- Shame on you for writing this sh*t! Ms. MusiQ: I'm irritated right now....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fellow Twihards Rejoice!!

I found a REAL trailer to the third installment of the Twilight franchise!!! Indulge!

Eclipse Trailer

Ms. MusiQ: June 30th isn't coming fast enough!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ahhhh... Common...

This new movie looks LIVE!

Just Wright (Starring Common, Dwayne Wade, Queen Latifah & More) [Movie Trailer]

Ms. MusiQ wants Common in her bed.... ASAP!

"& the most pointless video award goes to....."


What the eff is all ah dis????

Lady Gaga [Feat. Beyonce] - Telephone

Ms. MusiQ: I'm done.

Monday, March 8, 2010

"No ma'am Ms. Pam!"

Hahahaaa! I love me some Qaadir aka Timaya.... He has soooooo many quotable lines, it's ridiculous!!

*Warning: Video contains A LOT of swearing*

You're Doing A Bit Much For Me

LMAO, oh man... Where do I begin??

"& she made some type of rancid ass statement...."

"Stay the f*ck in your lane, because if you come in my lane, you're liable to get run the f*ck over!"

"At this point you are reaching, for the stars, and f*ckin' beyond b*tch and you are NOT Buzz Lightyear girl..."

"Right then and there, I had a muthaf*ckin' Twix, need a muthaf*ckin' moment, moment on that ass girl! Because girl, in this recession, don't play with nobody's money Ms. b*tch...." [<-- Bahahaaha... That's Twix moment thing is my sh*t!!]

"I think you misread the situation and I think you misinterpreted the situation girl. Let me just re-introduce myself ok? My name is Qaadir Howard and I'm NOT Captain Save-A-Hoe!"

"B*tch I don't even too much know you nor do I too much care for you. So I'm definitely not going to get into an altercation on your behalf girl...."

"Ok see, you know what... you're doing the f*ckin' most...."

"You're writing a girl a cheque for, you know, $100,000.00 when you got $10 in your account Ms. Girl. Excuse me?? Girl, OVERDRAFT FEE.... HELLO!!"

Ms. MusiQ: *Dying* This dude is HILARIOUS!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Adventures of Everything..... "Art Attack on a Track"

The boys are at it again, lol!!

O'Sound SNAPPED with the "ghetto auto-tune"... Too funny!

Art Attack on a Track

Ms. MusiQ: I have such creative friends.... LIVE!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So shit!!

Someone tell me what the hell this is!!!?
Acting like Nivea and Lil Wayne have never made REAL music videos.... SMDH!!!!

Nivea [w/ Lil Wayne Cameo]

Ms. MusiQ: Ok, I'm done.

Practice run...



Definition Term

Definition of the term

Definition Term

Definition of the term



Entertainment promotion

Example Marquee

Column 1Column 2

Ms. MusiQ... Still learning!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Love. & Nothingless...."

I love me some Brendan Phillips.

Dope recognizes dope!! <3 height="300" width="400">

Nothingness/Love from Brendan Philip on Vimeo.

Ms. MusiQ: "Weeeee.... Sat & just made eyes..."