Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What... The... EFFFFF!!?!?!??

Some people need to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate their lives! Smh....

Monday, November 23, 2009

My thoughts on the 2009 AMAs

Ok so, I wasn't watching the time and missed the first 15 mins of the show! Now, that wouldn't be so bad if it was the BET Awards but they never rerun the AMAs and I MISSED JANET!! Efffffff! Man, thank goodness for YouTube and WSHH!

-I tuned into the AMAs in time to see Shakira's sh*tty step routine performance thing. Moving along...
-Kelly Clarkson performed her record breaking hit, 'Already Gone' and while her performance definately lacked some much needed energy, you can't deny her natural talent. Nice vocals Kelly (but please fire your hair and wardrobe stylists ASAP)!
-I didn't love Carrie Underwood's performance or the song but she just has that thing.... Is it her strong vocals? Her personality? I dunno what it is but I like the girl.
-Jay Z and Alicia Keys had everybody on the feet and sing along to 'New York'. Yeah, the song is MAD catchy, I can admit that and I love the piano intro that Alicia did. I also gotta admit that I would've appreciated it if the Jay stuck to his "All Black Everything" cause that suit choice sucked.
-Rihanna's performance was sooooo SH*T!! POINT BLANK PERIOD. She really needs to stop getting so naked all the damn time, on some real sh*t.
-Lady Gaga, always the original, performed "Bad Romance/Speechless' and broke some glass... Dangerous but HOT! LOL.
-I forgot how good Mary J. Blige sounds live and I liked her performance.... Plus, she looked really good!
-Jennifer Lopez tried a ting with her new song 'Louboutins'.... *Go ahead and laugh. I know I did!* She hasn't performed in nineteen-eleven years and thought it was appropriate come out on stage as a boxing champ and sing THAT song............ WHO TOLD YOU?! PS, I won't laugh about your fall but I will say that your solo dance sequence didn't have the same flare as it use to. Time to regroup mama, I'm just saying!
-*sigh* Alicia Keys.... I really hate it when you try so hard. Stick to swaying your hips and sitting at your piano mama! That little dance session you had with your backup dancer was very ackward & NOT cute! I'm starting to like that, 'Sleeping With a Broken Heart' song but your pitchy vocals will be the death of me.
-BEP should stick to upbeat songs/performances and be easy with those space suits!
-Eminem and 50 seemed maaaadddd out of place to me..... and who told Eminem to do 'Forever' without Drake?
-I didn't expect Timberland to perform tonight so that was a surprise. The permance gets a 6/10 and all because he brought out Nelly Furtado!
-Green Day is hella consistent... Nuff said!
-*side eye* @ this Adam Lambert dude. I'm so off beat right now. I don't know how to feel.....

*Ok so I was able to catch the Janet performance on WSHH. She may look about 30 but she really is dancing with the energy of a 45 yr old these days :(. I liked the music throwbacks but I HATED her outfit. Can someone tell me why she continues to wear these baggy suits with the tight belts around the waist of the jacket?? Anyways, I appreciated her saving 'Together Again' for last... I know that was for MJ <3

Ms. MusiQ:
What was your favorite moment??

2009 AMA Pics/Vids

Shakira look hot in this yellow number. Wrong choice of pumps though.

Leona Lewis, who is your stylist and why are you still paying her? Booties can gwan but, that's about it!

Shante looked good. Didn't like the hair or shoes but that jumper is hot!

This look is a no for me Jenny.

... Just why? Rihanna is taking is "egdy" persona too far.

Looking good ladies!

This one is A LITTLE BIT better than the white outfit.

A good look for our boy Drizzy....

Hey Ne-Yo, nice blazer. Not loving that button up though...

Nice dress Paula, just a little too dressy for the AMAs... In my opinion.

Nice dress Mary... Would've loved the hair if it was darker and not so patchy.

Melody from the Pussycat Dolls came through, looking FRESH!

uGh @ the Black Eye Peas.... *side eye*

Loved Keri Hilson's ensemble but my homie @datchickneeks was right, her make up was TERRIBLE!

I would have paired this outfit with different shoes but Alicia Keys looks amazing!

I'm on the fence with this one. I has potential but it needs a lot of tweeking. Rihanna, I think it's about time you change your hair colour.... It sucks.

Janet Jackson's Performance Intro For The American Music Awards
[Where was the energy Ms. Jackson?]

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Performance At The American Music Awards
[Just can't help but sing along]

Rihanna's Performance At The American Music Awards
[.... No thx]

Jennifer Lopez Performance At The American Music Awards! (She Falls On Her Boot-tay But Played It Off Nicely)
[I was confused the entire way through... Sorry mama]

Alicia Keys Solo Performance At The American Music Awards 2009
[*side eye*]

Lady Gaga AMA 2009 performance Bad Romance and Speechless
[Can't lie, she brought IT]

Kelly Clarkson - AMA 2009 Performance
[Strong vocals]

Black Eyed Peas Perform Live at the 2009 American Music Awards Live
[Will.I.Am, what's you problem?? LOL]

*side note, everyone PLEASE take in the foolishness Will.I.Am put on his head! My homie @datchickneeks had me rolling last night with this comment: "Will.I.Am's lacefront will be in a Keele/Sheppard hairstore soon. Don't fret dancehall queens"*

Ms. MusiQ: What was your favorite performance of the 2009 AMAs??

Speaking of Brandy...

You know WHO really "Grinds My Gears"?? Brandy's annoying ass younger brother Ray J. *side eye*

Who the hell gave this dirtbag his own show, let alone a second season of it?? As they would say on Twitter, #epicfail #douchebaggery #youneedyourassbeat

Smashed The Homies: Ray J Finds Out That Luscious Smashed His Homie At Ray J's House! "I Was Goin In On Your Couch Like 5-6 Times"

Ms. MusiQ: I wanted to laugh, but I can't co-sign this stupid shit.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get it Brandy!

You know what's really sad? The most vocally talented artists out here today are being pushed under the rug to make room for these generic artists who couldn't hold a proper note or kill their verbato to save their lives! Case in point, the always ear-pleasing Brandy. As smooth and as light as her voice has always been, it's also well seasoned and extremely CLEAN!!
Brandy + bathroom acoustics = an amazing acapella performance!

Brandy Singing "A Change Is Gonna Come" In Her Bathroom!

Ms. MusiQ loves REAL singers...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Music

Janet Jackson - Make Me [Shouts out to Canada's first favorite dancer Nico :D]

Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull - Fresh Out The Oven

.... This song is soooooo shit, lol! Gotta admit though, I have a thing for Pitbull and Jennifer looks HOT!!

Toni Braxton Feat. Trey Songz - So Yesterday

.... LOVES IT!! LOL @ Ron Artest

Keri Hilson - I Like

.... Loves the song but the storyline is weird.

Ms. MusiQ: "If you're feelin like I feel, you can get it tonight!

Paying Homage...

When I first heard Beyonce covered Anita Baker's 'Sweet Love' in concert, I was afraid she was going to over sing and murder the already BEAUTIFUL song, but she surprised me!

Beyonce's version of 'Sweet Love'

Ms. MusiQ: I love the classics :D

Monday, November 16, 2009

You've got to be kidding me...

After weeks of much talked about hype, THIS is what Lady Gaga and Beyonce came up with?? HOW RUDE!

Beyoncé (Feat. Lady Gaga) - Video Phone [Extended Remix]

Ms. MusiQ: I DON'T GET IT!! (PS. Not enough Gaga... But am I really suprised?? *side eye* @ Beyonce)

"Whaaa.... What is all-ah-dis?"

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

You know what Alicia Keys, you're just doing waaaaayyy to much over there... trying to sound different and trying to come across as 'edgy'! This video/song is a definate strike two for me. Nope, not feeling it AT ALL! & that purple one-shoulder suit is HORRIBLE!!

Ms. MusiQ is wondering why everyone's tryna be brand new....?

Friday, November 13, 2009


Ok so, aside from the whole assault situation, both Chris Brown and Rihanna are (back) on the media circuit promoting their new albums. Rihanna's "Rated R" drops November 23 and Chris' drops "Graffiti" on December 8th. Which one are you guys buying?? I'll be real, IF I was to buy one, it would be Chris'. I was ALWAYS a huge fan of his.

& ok look, they both dropped new videos today... *side eye*

Chris Brown - Crawl [cameo by Cassie]

I can't lie... I like this one a lot!

Rihanna - Russian Roulette

I completely hated this song before but, accompanied by the video, it's actually not half bad.... Dude in this vid (new doctor on Grey's Anatomy) is HOT!!

Ms. MusiQ: Can we get back to the music now??

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More New Vids...

Dirty Money - Love Come Down

I LOVE this song :D
I heart Dawn... & the new girl is gowing on me!

The Cool Kids - Knocked Down

Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi

.... This girl confuses me but the song is alright.

Clipse - Doorman

I think she's dope :D

If only the song was written better! The idea, flow and beat all go good together and even the video is decent.... But the lyrics are quite basic. :(

LeToya Luckett Feat. Ludacris - Regret

Ms. MusiQ: I still think you're dope mama.... Plus, dude in this vid is hella yummy!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Dope&Fresh#22 by Ms. MusiQ featuring Miss Selfridge

Dope&Fresh#23 by Ms. MusiQ featuring Miss Selfridge

D&F Approved!

You listen here Tyra Banks, if Nicole Fox doesn't win cycle 13, I shall boycott Top Model forever!! (Ok, it's not THAT serious but come on.... this girl is the truth!!)

Can you tell that I'm a fan??

LOL... Get familiar ppl! Melanie Fiona is the TRUTH!! T.O. what up?!

MF singing 'It Kills Me' live on 106 & Park

Ms. MusiQ sings loud as hell EVERYWHERE..... "& it kiiillllssss mmeeee!"

"You know what really GRINDS MY GEARS?"

.... Dope songs that have shitty videos. I swear, I need to get into the video treatment/video directing business!

Snoop Dogg Feat. The Dream - Gangsta Luv

Ms. MusiQ: Oh cooommmmeeee oooonnnn.... You KNOW this video sucks! A Cadi on a rollercoaster? WHHYYYYYY?!?!?!?!? :@

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Omarion raps... Who knew?

Omarion Feat. Gucci Mane - I Get It In

She's sooooo weird!

.... But honestly, I love her! I don't get her at all, but she D&F Approved all day!

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Ms. MusiQ: "Walk walk, passion baby. Work it, I'm a free b*tch baby!" - Lady Gaga

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pay close attention...

... I no longer care about Rihanna and Chris Brown. I had a whole script in my head that I was gonna type out, but then I thought.... Don't I have better things to do? SMH!

I will say this though, just like no man should put their hand on a woman, no woman should think she can hit a man and get off scott free! Keep your hands to your damnselves and no one gets hurt!! Also, if you're gonna go on TV and talk your business, at least have the manners to keep it 100!!

Ms. MusiQ:..... GOOD DAY!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

As per usual...

Shannon T. Boodram is ALWAYS saying what I'm thinking.... Tis' the reason I adore her! :D

I HAAAAAVVVVEEE to see this!!

I am now the biggest Twilight (Saga) fan!!

Noooowwwww she wants to talk...

Rihanna Breaks Her Silence! (Tears Up On When Speaking On Chris Brown Hitting Her) "F*ck Love" Pt. 1

Part 2

Ms. MusiQ: I don't know how to feel, nor do I even care anymore!

Some more vids...

Donnie Klang - Prisoner Of Love


Gucci Mane Feat. Usher - Spotlight (cameo by Eddie Murphy's daughter... She's soooooooooooo pretty!)

What?!?!?!? Gucci mane is complaining to Usher about losing his girl? Ummmm, did anybody else throw up in their mouths or was that just me??

Ms. MusiQ: Donnie, I hope you have the SENSE to get out of Badboy QUICK!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ohh my..... Songz!

Trey Songz, you're a (talented) freak!

I Invented Sex

Eye Candy #3


Ms. MusiQ: Keston Karter, where the hell did your FINE ASS come from?

Pardon me Chris Brown?!?!?!

This... is this... *ahem*... IS THIS YOUR ALBUM COVER???
One name comes to mind when I see this CRAP.... Peter-friggin-Pan!! YUCK!

Ms. MusiQ wants the old CB back.... pre-Rihanna, por favor?!

He's soooooo my type!

Luu Breeze - Stick Up For Love Pt. 2

Ms. MusiQ: Loves hot MEN with neck tatts... Owww!

*Eye roll*

Rihanna... I'm gonna need you to go back to walking the streets in barely there outfits!
Your TIME is over!!

Rihanna - Wait Your Turn

Ms. MusiQ: Stupid ass video/song.... *KISS TEET!*

More vids

Chrisette Feat. Wale - Fragile

Clipse Feat. Rick Ross - I'm Good Remix

Ms. MusiQ: I don't know how I feel about this Wale dude....

Hilarity or Tomfoolery?

I'm posting this because I find it 25% embarassing, 25% pathetic and 50% hilarious!! Keyshia Cole, come get your mama!!

Frankie on Judge Mathis

Ms. MusiQ: I can't stand the madness.... but I can't look away!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A hot mess Halloween...

Ice-T's wife Coco.... Barely-there outfits are like her uniform.

LOL! TT looks awesome as Shaneneh (from the classic TV show 'Martin')... Her homeboys on the other hand... YIKES!

Lance really looks like he's coming straight out of Compton... But what the frig is Eva's costume suppose to be?

Ang... Always a cutie, seen here as Minnie Mouse ("No no no, no me guesta mouse!" HAHAA!). Her producer boyfriend is dressed as Sean Paul. The resemblance is SCARY!
Ok so.... Monica & her family are NOT dressed for Halloween. This is actually a pic from her sons' bday celebration.... I decided to put this pic up because of Rocko's face. He's ALWAYS skinning up his face in EVERY picture!! It's pretty much a mask..... Ha!

I think I like this one...

I'm definately NOT a fan of 50 Cent (anymore) but I kind of like this track...

50 Cent Feat. Ne-Yo - Baby by Me [vid cameo by Kelly Rowland]

New Music from Toronto Fresh...

Ron D. Feat Kim Davis - Toronto Pt. 2 [Empire State of Mind Remake]

Ms. MusiQ: ".... These streets will make you feel brand new, there's nothing you can't do!"