Friday, July 31, 2009

ABDC - *Jabbawockeez*

I love this show!!




Rocsi comes clean

I have a lot of respect for her for coming clean about something as serious as Anorexia. I can also sympathize.....

Be responsible...

Just reminding everyone that Caribana doesn't need to be filled with bad energy and bad things don't have to happen.

Enjoy this weekend TORONTO!!

Have fun, be safe... BE RESPONSIBLE!!!
--Ms. MusiQ says: Be dope & stay fresh!
**Photo courtesy of 1 Love T.O. (**

Thursday, July 30, 2009


.... He's kinda cute, but the video/ song is just MEH!

Big Sean - Getcha Some

"Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)"

OK Jeremih.
You're trying a ting... I see you ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I need more...

Dresses, jackets, pumps & skinnys... GET IN MY CLOSET!!
--Ms. MusiQ needs something new

Eye Candy #2

The sexiness that is Darren Sharper.... *DROOL!*

Apparantly I've been living under a rock because this is the first time I've ever heard of this SSSEEEEXXXXYYYYY dude!! First saw him in an editorial spread along side Melanie Fiona for Vibe Magazine's final issue, and now I hear he's Gabrielle Union's ex-boyfriend.
Gabby... what were you thinking? Please tell me you didn't leave this GORGEOUS man for Dwayne Wade!?!?!!?! SMH!
-- Ms. MusiQ wants to put it on him daily... Owwwww!

Emotional Rollercoaster

*Please excuse the random things I'm about to say...*

Dear YOU,

Today was our last fight.
No, I am not psychic but I assure you, it is indeed the last fight. At least I really want it to be. We haven't even been an item in years, yet we fight like a married couple. Foolishness right?

I can no longer deal with this 'regular girl' treatment you give me because I should be more than that to you. Look at what you've already put me through all these years... When will enough be enough? I really don't ask for much besides respect and consideration yet, those are two things you don't have for me.

I love you.
I miss you everyday.
You hurt me repeatedly but I choose to stay.
Obviously, I've been traumatized. I'm more loyal to you than you deserve.
Countless sleepless nights.... Tear-soaked pillows... Lonely days... I'm so tired!

I believe that when you love someone with your whole heart, nothing changes that feeling. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! I am consistent, I have proven my dedication and I have been here for you even when you're not there for me.

I never asked for the world... I only asked for love.

*Sigh* As much as I adore the good side of US, I can no longer stand the bad. It hurts. It's not fair to me, none of this is. I don't think you'll ever see how good you have it with me....

All these years later and I STILL get those butterflies around you. All these tears later and I still think the world of you. Doesn't that count for anything? It probably doesn't mean anything and maybe that's a sign to let go and really move on. I need to get off this ride before I completely die emotionally... But how? Can't you see how you affect me? Don't you care?

........ UGH!! Why is the simplest thing for you to understand about how I feel, the hardest for you to make better?

"Cold Blooded!"

Hahaha... This shit NEVER gets old!

Part One:

Part Two:

-- I'm Ms. MusiQ B*TCH! Enjoy yourself!

Mateo... You're dope!

This song gets me everytime...

Mateo - Now I Ain't Got You

[Not the acutal video.... Song starts at about 3:24]

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I actually like this

Fabolous Feat. Keri Hilson - Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

Monday, July 27, 2009

Artist of the day

People don't believe when I say I'm old school to the bone...
What do you guys know about amazing-ness that is Anita Baker?? She's one of Mary J. Blige's biggest inspirations and was the first female artist I was exposed to with the low, smokey voice that always gets to me!!! I love her.... TAKE NOTES!!

Rapture of Love

I Apologize

Sweet Love

Giving You The Best That I've Got

--Ms. MusiQ is inspired again


.... Does this mean I have a chance??
--Ms. MusiQ thinks Reggie Bush should come see what she's working with... HA!

Art is art.... Everything under that umbrella counts!

I had a conversation with my auntie the other day and it got me thinking... Can one person really be good at multiple things and can said person do all these things effectively?

Ok... Let me back up a bit. The conversation we were having was about what I'm doing with my life. My entire family has been on me for YEARS about post-secondary education but I continuously have to tell them, it's not for me. I have many reason why I decided against college/ university and because I am a stubborn person, I've been sticking to my guns! Now, my entire family understands that my heart has ALWAYS been in music and after a brief stint at Toronto Film School [I went for Sound Technology aka music production.... I never said I didn't try], I realized that it wasn't a good fit for me. I've always been a visual learner so naturally, if you show me something and I do it right after, I pretty much got it in the bag! When you sit infront of me and read out of a text book, my mind wonders and I go into peanut-mode [Charlie Brown throwback, haha]. Believe me, I know my strengths.

Anyways, aside from music [song writing and playing the piano, guitar & steelpan.... well, re-learning how to play them], I've been dabbling into different things like styling, photography and I even started thinking about owning real estate and owning a business. I know, I know... I'm already 25 but, as I've always been told, it's never too late. I told my aunt all these things and she pretty much set me on fire via screwface... Gotta love family! My aunt has always been about numbers. She did the school thing, got her degree, owns two business and has owned many homes. I know she's looking out for me but I realize that some people, mainly elders, just don't get that there is life outside of school. I'm not knocking anyone who has found bomb ass careers and/or great opportunities out of it, I'm just saying, it wasn't my thing!

Here's how the end of our conversation went:

I said, "Well, I still write music and I'm starting to play instruments again. I have the clients I style and I'm working on turning that into a business, plus I'm seriously thinking about picking up photography again!"

She.... just glared at me.

I said, "Umm [nervous laugh], what can I say lady.... I wear many hats. I'm a jack of all trades."

She said, "Learn how to stick to one thing,"
I pretty much left the conversation after that, but my question now is, why should I stick to one thing? I am an artist. Sure, when I was younger, I use to think that singers should stick to singing and actors should stick to acting but why limit ourselves to one thing if we can do more and to our fullest potential?

Example: I think Tyra Banks was an amazing model. The singing thing was NOT for her but I also think she's a great photographer and business woman [although her talk show can be corny and ANTM needs to retire.... in my humble opinion of course].

Another example: Terrance Howard is one of my favorite actors. He also plays many instruments VERY WELL, but singing is also not for him.

Very rarely do we have those multiple threats anymore, and one day, I asked myself, why can't I do all the things I love at once [not literally] and do them well? Why do I have to stick to one thing? Jamie Foxx is a great actor, an amazing singer and excellent piano player.... Why can't I also wear more than one hat? I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be successful at more than one thing, as long as I do them well and with enough passion to see them through.

Am I wrong??
--Ms. MusiQ wears many hats and wears them well!

I need new pumps!

-- Ms. MusiQ: Get me a size 8(w) & BAG 'EM UP!

This summer has potential after all

I have to admit, things have been looking up for me these days & I'm VERY thankful! Two new jobs, a new god daughter, I've been reading more, about to REALLY get my Summer Body Fit back... Give or take a few snags (*ahem* you dudes are really trippin!), things have just been lovely!

Still, the weather has been putting a huge damper on my summer fun... Yesterday, I missed out on the opening of Toronto's new fashion/ art market, Portobello East, because it decided to rain none stop & flood everywhere!! Thank goodness I still went to the BBQ @ WetBar tho cause it was L-I-V-E!!!

I mean, yeah it turned into a club thing but the freeness didn't take away from the good vibes. Not to mention, DJ Spoonz was killin the bangers (thx for the SWV homie!) and everyone kept their drama, if any, to themselves! I ran into so many of my dope peeps, my ladies were up in the place looking lovely & I saw the hottest dudes I've never seen before (sadly, they were all 12)!!

Could THIS be the beginning of my summer?? Kind of late but I'm ready!!

-- Ms. MusiQ: Fresh obsessed!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

You know what really GRINDS MY GEARS??

.... The 36 Finch Ave West bus.[Insert screwface here!]
One of the most important routes, yet the LEAST reliable! I've been waiting at this bus stop for damn near an hour and 4 buses have passed in the opposite direction.... UGH!! :@ :@

I am in desperate need of a car! The crappy part is, I know when this freakin bus finally decides to come, it's gonna be packed!

Damn you TTC!! The stupid Government is so caught up in other FOOLISHNESS, that no one's paying attention to this slack, but necessary service.... WHAT DO YOU GET PAID FOR??? WHY DO YOU HAVE SCHEDULES!! ARGH!!

.... Woo-sah Tee. Just woo-sah!

--Ms. MusiQ is tired & NOT IMPRESSED!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

This guy kills me...

... That's all!

Dopest stylist!

I finally found Rihanna's bomb ass stylist!!

Her name is Mariel Haenn & she's amazing!
She's the genius behind most, if not all of, Rihanna's hawt fashion! She's also styled Ciara, Common, Jada Pinket Smith, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, Jay Z, Kimora Lee Simmons, Lauren Conrad, Lloyd, Nas and Christina Millan, just to name a few....

She definately gets the Fashionista Fresh stamp of approval!

Check her out at:

It's about time...

I FINALLY figured out how to blog from my Berry.... I'm feeling quite dope this morning!! Hahahaa...

Anyways, I'm long overdue for a vacation. For the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking about long walks along sandy beaches, fruit drinks & warm waters, island food & new experiences.... etc.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck here in Toronto (I am NOT lovin my city today!)... This has got to be the worse summer thus far. We have like 6 different strikes going on simultaneously, downtown smells like HOT ASS, there's garbage everywhere & the weather is crappy. I really need a getaway, even if only for a week or so. A good friend of mine is leaving to go on vacay soon & I'm devising a plan to roll myself up in her suitcase!!

I was in Indigo the other day & I found myself wrapped up in the Travel section. I'm thinking about places like Turks & Caicos, the US Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Barbados, the island of Samoa..... UGH! The Dominican Republic is looking hella pretty right about now but I'm already going there for my aunt's wedding in December.... CAN'T YOU GUYS GET MARRIED NOW??

I need a breather... Sometime to collect my thoughts, to soak up the sun & to regain positive energy. I'm aiming for mini-me time in Oct.... Make sure you all meditate on that for me plz!!!

What's on my mind....


I continue to make promises I know damn well my ass can't keep
To get over you
To leave you alone
To give myself time to heal and grow
But the thought your touch makes me weak

I become this teary eyed fool
Who longs for late mornings and long showers with you.
I slip back into the place where nothing else matters
But the time you set aside to lay with me
I know I deserve much more
More then those few in between moments
But I settle
Because I adore you

I don't want to but I do

We do this dance religiously:
We fight
There's space
I miss you, so I call
You're in a good mood so you invite me over at night fall

We laugh
We reminisce
You start the movie
I undress & we kiss

We cuddle
We embrace
You do that thing I love
& put a smile on my face

I quiver
You smile
& I pretend your mine for a little while

Then two days later, reality sets in
& you have me feeling like I'm living in sin
Like loving you was the worst choice in life
But I still have dreams of one day being your wife

I curse myself for not being as strong as I use to be
Curse myself for letting you treat me so terribly
Curse myself for not knowing how to say no
Hate myself for not letting you go

You anger me to no end
So inconsideratre, it's sad but true
My life has changed so drastically since you've been in it
But against my better judgement
I feel it's too hard to live without you...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You're freakin DOPE!!

In a nutshell, I wanna play the piano THIS GOOD!!

Dude is SICK WIT IT!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Party Rant #2

Second message to party promoters:

- A restaurant with ONE dega-dega bar, fixures that cut the size of the floor space and a patio entrance at the back (filled with smokers) where no air can get in should NEVER be a spot you want to have your party!!

- I cannot believe the amount of people literally standing in ROWS, fighting to get drinks at that little ass bar and having to buy 5 or 6 drinks at a time because it was too much of a hassel to go back..... What the bloody? How about you pay attention to vital details like that you GENIUS!!

- Although the music was good, why did you think it was appropriate to have the "dance floor" in the little sectioned off room?? Oh, was it because there were too many fixures on the other side? Well then, PICK ANOTHER LOCATION!!

- It was entertaining to see that you guys thought to have dancers peforming to some of those BIG TRACKS from that era.... However, it was NOT a good look seeing one of the B-Boys man-handling his little sister..... TWICE, being kicked out of the restaurant (as he should've been), and then being allowed to re-enter because he's friend's with the owner................... You're really rude.

- People purposely throwing their glasses in corners because they were too STUPID to place them on the table next to them... *BLANK STARE!*
Ummm, were you raised by goats? Did you grow up in a barn?

............ Must you ALL lack common sense? SMH!

My Toronto...

Known affectionately as "the screw face capitol", my Toronto is noisy and quiet at the same time. Bright lights and big TVs that rival (or at least try to rival) Times Square, freezing winters and suffocating summers (... sometimes, lol). My Toronto is CP24 in the mornings, MuchMusic/ Much More Music in the day and CTV dramas at night. Shopping on Queen/Yonge/Bloor/King streets, pricey fashion from Holt Renfrew and vintage finds in Kensington Market. My Toronto IS Caribana... known for sweet island music (steel pan!), yummy roadside dishes, vibrant colours and the costumes of people playing mass!!

During a time when we have waaaaaayyy too many condos in poor areas, too much construction on busy streets, too much violence, a STUPID strike and a bad economy, my Toronto is a city that continues to party hard on the weekends. DJs like Spoonz, Lissa Monet, Rych Kydd and the Legacy Soundcrew get busy spinning at our most popular clubs like Vola, Metro, Blvd Room, Sound Academy and Wetbar, just to name a few (I personally prefer to party at exclusive spots... smaller venues and NON-regulars!! LOL). Places like Wah Toos, Hung-Shing, Garden & Markham Station (or the regular old street vendor spot) get it poppin AFTER the club's over! My Toronto welcomes leaned heels, rainbow outfits, heavy make-up and skittle-style weaves with open arms!! Young boys in skinny jeans and graphic sweaters, young girls in short-shorts and claw-like neon nails, older men in tight, shiney suits and older ladies in prom dresses.... GOTTA LOVE IT!! LMAO!

My Toronto is Sunday brunches at Hot House with a live band), dinner at Jack Astor's or a nice, yummy sushi bar, lounging in Yorkville and long strolls along the Harbourfront. Sexy poetry shows at the Trane Studios (Victoria Grant, what up?!), live concerts at the Kool Haus, a brand new fashion/art market called Portobello East and street festivals like Afro-Fest and the Taste of the Danforth!

Home grown talent is in abundance here!! From musicians like Melanie Fiona, Drake & Julie Black... TV personalities like Dan & Jessie from MTV (Tika, I see you mama!!), Traci Melchor and Leah Miller.... Industry heads like Lola Luv, Amol Gupta (StandOut Ent), Karla 'HustleGRL' Moy, the ladies at Patent Magazine and the fellas from the 1 LOVE T.O. movement.... What don't we have here??

The most important thing is, my Toronto "SUPPORTS, LOVES, PUTS ON AND HOLDS IT DOWN" (thx Lissa)! I'll probably have a love/ hate relationship with this city for as long as I live, but it's good to know there's a A LOT of dopeness inbetween......

What's your Toronto got going on?

--Ms MusiQ LOVES the T Dot.......... today!


.... did you direct this video too Kanye?

KiD CuDi Feat. Kanye West & Common - Make Her Say

TDot MusiQ

4 PLAY Feat. Daniel Daley, Kim Davis & L
Directed by Shane Tone

Friday, July 17, 2009

What in the hell is this sh*t??!

Little boy!!! Where are your parents & why aren't you in your bed?? Why are these grown ass men encouraging you to flick your tongue between his fingers and grind on the [dirty] floor???

"If the pu***y don't stink, I'm tryna eat that"................ WHHAAATT??
Someone please tell me what's going on with the state of music right now?
Who are these LOSERS who made up this "EAT THAT" dance?? UGH!

If I was ever in attendace, EVERYONE'S GETTING A BRINK IN THE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The RETARDEDNESS starts at 5:15..... yuck!

I had to post this... *DEAD*

Note to self: Don't EVER give a gay black man "Scarlet Fever"...... HAHAHAAHAAA! My favorite part starts @ 4:22.... "Need a mutha fu*kin Snickers moment..... Arrrooooooo!!!"

[Oh & I don't wrong you for being upset... Grown ass ppl should know how to act!]

Eye Candy #1

Model, actor, father and husband.... The yummy-ness that is BORIS KODJOE!!
[Nicole Ari-Parker is one LUCKY lady!]

..... Need I say more??

Oh, I found some old pics of his kids... ADORABLE!!