Monday, April 26, 2010

New Eclipse trailer!! WOOT!

Ms. MusiQ: Living that *Team Edward* life.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I almost forgot about ME....

I had it in my mind that I could take on a million projects at one time and give each one my undivided attention. For a little while, it was easy to actually get each task done but, exhaustion came and sucked that life right out of it....

Blogging wasn't fun anymore.
I stopped [song] writing.
I didn't want to go out and network.
The vision I had for my business slowly faded out.
I started to feel physically drained and eventually unhappy... & suffocated....

I finally realized that, not only had I been putting way too much energy into other people's projects, but I've also been taking on way more than I could chew. For my sanity's sake, I had to make a few changes to give myself some breathing room. I put all my "jobs" on the table and chose to continue working on the ones that I really love. I apologize to everyone who was depending on me to collaborate on different projects but I can't be more focused on what you've got cooking up, while my personal endeavors get stale. Try to understand.... I'm burning no bridges, just being real with myself!

& with that, back to our regular scheduled program!

Ms. MusiQ reps DFL, WolF JMcFarlane & RMe..... Let's get it!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Videos....

It's been a while since I did one post full of new music videos.... I'm sure you realize it's because most of the videos nowadays aren't worth mentioning much less blogged about. Moving along.... Here are some bangers for you!

Maxwell - Fistful Of Tears

Toni Braxton - Hands Tied

Melanie Fiona - Ay Yo

K. Michelle - Fallin

Ms. MusiQ makes me sooooooooooo happy!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why being a groupie always backfires....

So, I originally said I wasn't even going to touch this subject because I didn't want to give any energy to this chick's name.... but after seeing this HILARIOUS video from a guy who dissected one of this bird's videos, I decided to say my piece and be done with it. Here we go....

The first time I saw the name 'Kat Stacks', it kept popping up all over my Twitter feed. I wish to gawd I minded my business and never clicked the link to her triflin' ass video on World Star Hip Hop but sadly, I did. I lasted about a minute and some odd seconds before my ears started to bleed!!

Besides her annoying, high pitched, nasally, GAWD-AWFUL voice and her stank ass demeanor in the video, who really wants to hear her dumb ass sit infront of a computer and tell stories about the rappers that she beat off and now wants to expose? Contrary to what some might think, I DON'T! Seriously, Superhead already decided to disgrace herself and claim "the whore of the century" position, so really.... What the hell are YOU trying to do chick? Oh & another thing.... Haven't you rappers learned anything since Superhead came out? ARGH!

Moving along, after I turned off that sad ass video, I promised myself I'd ignore everything that had to do with this bean-head.... That was, until I was blog surfing and come across this video of dude ripping her first "tell all" video to shreds!! Hil-ar-ity! Please.... Watch it for yourselves!!


Some key points he left out:

1. Not only is she doing the world a disservice with this book deal and lying through her damn teeth about her movie deal, SHE CAN'T EVEN SPEAK PROPERLY!! Forget the spelling for a moment.... Her illiterate ass mumbled through half this damn video!

2. Did anyone notice that she was reading off something throughout her video? & she couldn't even read want she wrote properly either! Like honestly.... That's like when a rapper "freestyles" a written verse.... WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU!

3. You have a son! Although I know nothing about your mothering skills, I guarantee that little boy will NOT appreciate the fact that you're so happy & eager to get infront of a camera & tell the world that you slammed the entire Young Money Crew, Nelly and Bow Wow.... & those are only the names I got from this video! Do you smoke Meth for breakfast?

Ms. MusiQ: Here's a tip mama.... Run eastbound in the oncoming westbound lane on the highway. We will all appreciate it, thanks!


Come on Dream!! You gave me some GREAT hits and forced me to be a fan..... & then, you give me this sh*t?? I should back-hand you!

The Dream - Love King

Ms. MusiQ is annoyed.... *Get your video quality (back) up!*

**shouts out to his girls Tameka & Fatima though... [inside joke, lol!]**

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vote for Black J!!

[Excuse my bias nature in this post.... LOL]

There's a contest going on for the website, The Broken Heel Diaries and I need your help voting!! Someone very close to me is one of the top contestants in this contest, (entering with her DOPE pair of black Marc Jacob pumps!) but we have to get her to the grand prize!!

Here's what I need you to do:

1. Please *click this link* to go straight to the contestant page for Black J!

2. Scroll down to the voting hearts and click on the last heart to your right and enter that vote!

Easy... Simple... Appreciated!!

Ms. MusiQ & Black J thank you all in advance!

Janet and MJ, 17 yrs ago....

This video made me a little teary eyed...

Janet Jackson [with Tyler Perry] on Oprah

Ms. MusiQ: All Michael Jackson everything.