Saturday, October 31, 2009

A change of mentality

It's been a while since I've actually done a 'what's on my mind' post. Lately, I've had the urge to write and say so much but nothing is coming out. *Sigh.... Life!*

I am currently unfulfilled in my life and as the year draws to an end, I'm also feeling kind of helpless. It's almost as if, my will to continue jumping over these hurdles is still there but my body isn't co-operating :(. There are so many things that I want to do but something is in my way. I'm the first person to tell anyone who's in this position to drop everything that's in their way and do what they love at all cost but for some odd reason, I can't do it for myself...... So, does that make ME the problem?


Maybe if I get back to my meditating and stop thinking about all the negative situations in my life, things will turn around. Maybe it's time to finally change the way I think.... Yep, I think that's what I need. A change of mentality.

From now on,


Mike Epps Feat. Dorrough & Young Dro

LMAO... Whyyyyyyy?

Jay Z Feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind

Side eye...

Melt My Heart...

I finally saw the MJ movie with my girls Iv & Raj last night.... & IT WAS LIVE!! I mean, I took it for what it was, which was just backstage rehearsal footage but it was dope!! I'll admit that he definately looked different (NOT terminally ill like some have reported), but the essence of that man, the absolute GENIUS was literally pouring out of the screen! Ahhh... I'm soooooo surprised I didn't cry!
I really wish I could've witness the magic in person!
R.I.P. MJ... Truly irreplaceable! <3<3<3
Ms. MusiQ: The director/producer dude was sooooooooooooo annoying!! As Raj would say, "He's such a PANTY!!"

Oh GAWD no!!

What NORMAL parent(s) would think that this was an appropriate cake to give their (14 year old) daughter?? He looks like swamp thing!! GAWD!

Ms. MusiQ: No thx... This sh*t is disturbing!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Throwback group of the day!

Who can deny that back in the day, Jodeci was a force to be reckoned with.... Below are some of my favorite Jodeci songs:

Love you for life

Cry For You

Forever My Lady


Come & Talk To Me

Live performance: Lately


Ms. MusiQ thinks TT is the epitomy of Dope & Fresh... Owww!


Ne-Yo - Never Knew I Needed

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No thank you Chris Brown

Not feeling the song or the video... What do you think?

Chris Brown Feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beats - I Can Transform Ya

Ms. MusiQ: I can transform my-damn-self.... Thx!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Watching this just made me wanna slap EVERYBODY!!! :@

Ms. MusiQ is beyond confused right now....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's It Gon Be?

New video from Rochester and my boy Daniel Daley...

What's It Gon Be

Ms. MusiQ: D, the scarf & the pink shades.... HAA!

Affion does it again!


I did this post with different pics and some videos on the magazine blog so hit that site and check them out.... It takes a year and a half to upload videos on here for some odd reason :(

[A few more pictures below...]

I just want to know, who told you....

..... your pinky toe looked good OUTSIDE your shoe! As my cousin Z would say, WEAR YOUR SIZE!!!

.... it was appropriate to finger this drunk chick in the middle of the dance floor. Someone should've thrown a brick at you two!! YYUUCCKKKK!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Qaadir strikes again...

This guy kills me EVERYTIME!!

“B*tch, I don’t give a fu*k! Why are you lyin’ to me? Sweetie? I don’t give a fu*k sweetheart!” (<<— That's my new line right there!!!) "Daaamn! Mutha fu*ka wanna act surprised when you give them the truth…. B*tch what? That's the problem now! This is a fu*kin lying nation, everybody rollin 'round lyin'!" LMAO @ Glutten boots… "Like I keep tellin you mutha fu*kers I got the NyQuil for that common cold b*tch, STOP COMING FOR ME…. B*TCH!! …………………………. CREMATED!! This dude is HILARIOUS! I friggin LOVE him!!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why I LOVE the ladies of TGAW...

Ms. MusiQ: I die laughing everytime.... I heart you guys!

I like....

Mario - Thinkin' About You

Hey Shannon!!

These are a some pictures I took from Shannon Boodram's book release party on Wednesday (before my camera died... WOMP WOMP). It was a GREAT turn out! Dope performances from Andrea Lewis, Daniel Daley and Kim Davis... (Kim, you're vocals are HECTIC!!)

**Once again Shan, congratz on all your success!!**

Friday, October 16, 2009

Throwback.... Oh My SWING!

LOL!! For the golddigger in you!

Gwen Guthrie - Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent


Get it MF!

Melanie Fiona started this new live seesion she likes to call, 'The Subway Series'. The following videos are of her in different places in the world performing songs from her debute album, "The Bridge".... That's a good look!




Monday, October 12, 2009

T.I. On Behind The Music

She looks GORGE.... No??

Ms. MusiQ: They're really growing on me!


LOL LOL.... I can always count on you Wild Girls to make me laugh!!

Ms. MusiQ haaaattteeesss losing her internet connection.... How ruuuuude!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


She got dramatic with this rendition but the end results is obvious: THIS GIRL CAN SAAAANNNNG!!

A few bars of 'Halo'

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Be still my heart!!

My boo Jamal Barrows is back on road after a 10 year stint in prison!!
*Jumps up and down in excitment*

Bonnie & Shyne

Ms. MusiQ is the Bonnie to his Shyne.... Owwww!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Funny funny...

The truth about BadBoy... OH MAN!
I can't say I'm suprised but I damn sure wanna read Mark Curry's book, "Dancing With The Devil"!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Solange Knowles.... Owww!

You already know I love this lady. Here's her spread and some of the interview in this month's Honey Magazine!

"Let’s talk about the Honey shoot, you coming in and seeing all those crazy clothes that you fell in love with. How was your experience shooting with us?
It was amazing. You guys had the best energy of a shoot to me — I was just talking about it last night on Twitter. I really admire and study and respect the brilliance of fashion. I don’t live, breathe, eat, drink and depend on fashion to be more than what it is. I think when you have that frame of mind you really can go there. You really have no resignations about putting looks together that are just fun and fearless and that’s what you guys provided and allowed me to do so I was really happy."

"Good. Who’s closet would you raid if you had the chance to do it?
Probably Björk. It would be a tie between her and Grace [Jones], but I think I’d have to go with Björk because over the years there have been so many different phases and extremes and color. I am a person who loves color and I think it’s the most beautiful backdrop for life."

"You talked a little bit about your stages for fashion and philosophy but what would you say this stage is in your style evolution? What are you looking toward for spring 2010?
I think right now, I’m learning how to incorporate completely different extremes as to my last record, it was just like an overstimulation of extremes, which I love. Now, I’m learning how to have one more simple extreme or one more statement extreme, and learning how to blend those together. But you probably will still see me rocking animal print as I did the other day. Someone cracked up laughing and was like ‘Where the hell do you think you’re going with flannel, leopard and stripes?’ I was like ‘I’m going to tackle my day.’"

"Do you have any advice to industry moms in particular, or just young working moms who still want to be themselves?
I think balance is the essential key to motherhood. I think it’s a really hard rhythm to find, but if you learn how to capture it, it makes the rewards so beautiful. I try not to ever be away from him unless he’s with his dad. We have equal custody, so we work together on it, but it definitely gets hard when I have all these opportunities coming at me. I have to say no to a lot of things because at the end of the day I know that no matter how many awards or accolades or praise or money I get, the one thing that really is a judgment of me is what kind of mother I am. A lot of people feel like their life has to stop because of the child, and they have to let go of their interests. You definitely have to compromise some of them, but I’ve been really blessed. When I went to see Grace Jones, Julez was right there with me. Julez is right there with me when I go for my bike rides. And when I go on tour, he’s with me. And I feel so blessed to be in the position to do that."

"Your album is critically acclaimed and I’m wondering how much you care about what the critics think. What kind of sales expectations, if any, did you have? Are you happy with the album?
I mostly feel proud that I literally, everyday, come in contact with somebody who was affected by my music because it was so personal and honest. I can’t even explain to you how many people are like, ‘I have a “T.O.N.Y.”’ I’ve had people tell me they used “I Decided” in their wedding. Those are the moments where I feel really proud that I followed my heart and made something that I was really proud of instead of conforming to expectations. There were definitely fights along the way about not getting the radio or video support, but I would much rather be in a marketplace full of really smart, intellectual, and cultured young people who I can grow with. I feel like I can have a longer lasting and less gimmicky and for-the-moment response. It makes me feel very secure in my career, because I know I make music that may not matter to an astounding number of people, but the people that it does matter to are more like me. They have the same interest as me. They are people who want to be exposed to different things. I feel really good being in that space. It was never my intention to have this huge commercial success because otherwise, I would have made other kinds of records. I know how to write pop [and radio] records. I’ve written them for other people. But that isn’t the music that inspires me. It isn’t the music that I feel good about performing or that makes me want to get up and push every morning and be in 10,000 cities in one month promoting. I think people are the ones to put expectations on you. I never really put expectations on myself. I know that it’s a business and the record label has to make a profit from it. I understand that side of things, but at the end of the day it was always my goal to do exactly what I was able to do. That makes me feel really good."

"I think that’s why people are so dedicated to your music. The people that are fans are hardcore.
They are. That’s what I’m saying. I would rather have that than make a record that I know will be cool for a short period of time but those fans will move on from the trendy, pop sound when it changes."

Submissive: To be or not to be...

You're right Shanel. I'm all for strong, independent women who can manage themselves.... However, I don't believe you have to have a solo mentality all the time! If you're in a relationship where you are competing with your man for strength, trying to prove you have to work as hard as him to show you can manage without him, who's at home? I'm not saying you can't do both, but if you're not "taking care of home", an imbalance grows.... I'm also not saying the woman has to be home but if we're gonna go with "traditional roles", we the ones that nurture!

Your Power is in Submission
Part 1

Part 2

Ms. MusiQ is all about balance....

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

It's that time again folks! From sunset at 6:55 pm on Saturday, October 3, to sunrise on Sunday, October 4, 2009, Toronto's playful overnight celebration of contemporary art once again takes over the streets for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

2009 Event
Discover 130 free and accessible contemporary art projects within three zones. Each zone features a mixture of Exhibition Projects and Independent Projects. Scan through all projects listed by zone, click through the zone maps, review the alphabetical index of all projects, or new this year take a look at the artist index.

Be sure to visit Plan Ahead for tips and tools to help you organize your sleepless night and take advantage of the new Interactive Tools available this year!

Exhibition Projects
Under the direction of 4 curators, 45 temporary public art projects by local, national and international artists have been commissioned within 4 outdoor exhibitions. To encourage involvement by a wide range of Toronto artists - established and emerging - each exhibition includes projects selected by the curators through an open call process.

Independent Projects
Toronto museums, galleries, cultural and educational institutions, and neighbourhoods open their door all night long for this one evening. Admission is free and many have collaborated with new and established artists to offer unique experiences.

Zone A Downtown North
Zone A offers 52 projects to explore.

Two separate Exhibitions produced by the City of Toronto and curated by Gregory Elgstrand and Thom Sokoloski present a playful, participatory and interactive environment where a circus of ideas are met with a nocturnal urban fantasia that explores the present, past and future. Each Exhibition Project is mapped with a red square.

•Immerse yourself in the sounds of a parade that you can hear but cannot see at Old City Hall
•Be the last person standing in a blindfolded, steel-cage battle inside the Toronto Coach Terminal
•From the stage, experience Massey Hall played as the world's largest instrument
•Gaze into the Looking Glass high above your head in the Toronto Eaton Centre
Zone A also features 37 Independent Projects waiting to be discovered. All Independent Projects are mapped with a black circle icon.

Getting to Zone A
•Most of Zone A is easily accessible by the Yonge-University subway line.
•Hop off at Dundas Station and begin your journey at the Scotiabank Information Centre at Yonge-Dundas Square.
•From here, you can easily walk to Zone B in the Financial District and catch the 509 Harbourfront Streetcar from Union Station to Zone C.
•Pick up a TTC Day Pass and ride all-night long.
•If you're driving in from out of town, park and ride to avoid city traffic. Look for pay parking near the TTC's all-night subway stations.

(Zone A Downtown North)

Zone B Downtown South
Zone B offers a total of 42 projects to explore.

Curated by Jim Drobnick and Jennifer Fisher of DisplayCult, the Zone B Exhibition intensifies the links between bodies, sensory perception and shifts in capital. Each of the 15 City-produced Exhibition Projects is mapped with a green square.

•Seek hi-tech clairvoyance in the secret waterfall garden of the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
•Eavesdrop on celebrities playing Monopoly with real money at the Toronto Stock Exchange
•Catch the performance of a mobile pow-wow roaming the streets of the Financial District
•Feel the rise and fall of the market on a Bay Street carnival ride
•Groove to the pulsing lights of North America's tallest free-standing structure, the CN Tower, synced to a simultaneous FM broadcast
•Take stock of your reflection in a pool of vodka at Commerce Court Zone B also features 27 Independent Projects to visit. All Independent Projects are mapped with a black circle icon.

Getting to Zone B
•Most of Zone B is easily accessible by the Yonge-University subway line.
•Hop off at Union Station and begin your journey at the Scotiabank Information Centre
•From Zone B, you can easily walk to the Zone A Exhibition located in the area around Toronto City Hall and Yonge-Dundas Square
•Catch the 509 Harbourfront Streetcar from Union Station to Zone C
•Pick up a TTC Day Pass and ride in the downtown core all-night long
•If you're driving in from out of town, park and ride to avoid city traffic. Look for pay parking near the TTC's all-night subway stations

(Zone B Downtown South)

Zone C South/West
Zone C offers 36 dusk-to-dawn projects to explore.

Curated by Makiko Hara and produced by the City of Toronto, this Exhibition addresses human strength and adaptability in the face of urban disaster, catastrophe and survival actions. Each Exhibition Project is mapped with a purple square.

•Experience an unexpected invasion of a local grocery store
•Try your patience and get a new perspective on the phrase, "I'm Sorry"
•Experience the haunting sounds of hundreds of crying souls
•Test drive a new type of mobile home
•See a construction site spring to lifeZone C also features 21 Independent Projects to explore. All Independent Projects are mapped with a black circle icon.

Getting to Zone C
•Start your exploration at the Scotiabank Information Centre at Lamport Stadium
•Zone C is easily accessible by the 509 Harbourfront Streetcar from Union Station
•From the Bloor subway line, take the 29 Dufferin bus or 316 Ossington bus south
•Take the 509 Harbourfront Streetcar to Union Station and check out Zone A and B
•Pick up a TTC Day Pass and ride all-night long
•If you're driving in from out of town, park and ride to avoid city traffic. Look for pay parking near the TTC's all-night subway stations

*Keep this in mind as well...

Food and Beverage
The Food & Drink symbol is used throughout this website to indicate which project venues are serving late-night refreshments. Call ahead to confirm hours and menus.

Bay Street becomes Eat Street
Closed between Gerrard Street and Front Street, Bay Street is a car-free zone during Nuit Blanche and the place to go for delicious food all night long.

Bay Street north of Queen Street
Toronto a la Cart vendors serving:
-Ethiopian (East African)
-South & Central Asian
-Afghani / Central Asian

Bay Street south of Queen Street
Independent vendors:
-La Fiesta Mis Amigos
-Festival Catering
-Freshwood Grill
-Ontario Corn Roasters
-Tiny Tom Donuts
*Plus, drop by one of the Main Scotiabank Information Centres for snacks and beverages.
Check out for more info.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Doin' the Most"

Someone uploaded this video on Facebook. Before I say what I agree with and what I disagree with, watch it for yourselves:

"If you're not married, you're single"

Ok so, here's how I feel about this video. First of all, this is totally from the stand point of a man who is into the bible. I do like the fact that this man is direct with his words but I don't like the fact that he's speaking as if his opinion is the only one that matters. Granted, on the W2 (and pretty much any other survey or application you fill out) there isn't a category for 'dating' but that doesn't mean you have to look at dating as if it doesn't matter! In some cases, it IS important to get to know somebody for you jump into a committed relationship head first. Shoot, I'd like to know if the man I'm with has anger issues with women BEFORE he potentially gives me a black eye. Makes sense, no?

The points I agree and disagree with:
1. I don't believe that the only time a man is committed before marriage is during the period of engagement! Everything happends in it's own process and during the time where you feel each other out and decide where to take your relationship, you don't need to literally "put a ring on it" to commit to your significant other. People who rush to PROVE their commitment can cheat on their fiance(e) just as easily as the person who cheats on their girlfriend/boyfriend!

2. He says that if you are in a sexual, intimate and committed relationship with someone but you're not married, you're setting yourself up for failure. I disagree.... Who says marriage is equated with success? If that were the case, the divorce rate wouldn't be so damn high! I agree that if you are in a sexual, intimate and committed relationship but are not married, there's is no grantee you'll ever get married or that the relationship will workout but then again, life is NOT a guarantee period. Who's to say sex before marriage won't make the relationship stronger? Who's to say someone who remains a virgin with the intention of waiting until marriage will ever get married either?

3. He says these single R&B singers and actors on tv are screwing with our perception of what a relationship is... So, when listening to a song like Jodeci's "Love You For Life", it's wrong of me to aspire to find a man who, through thick and thin, wants to love me for life because the members of Jodeci are single? Ummm.... does that make sense to anybody else? Moving along....

4. He sees getting the keys to your significant other's apartment or moving in as a marital act. You sound more like a man who prefers NOT to have your girlfriend come over regularily because you have other girls in and out of your space! Any intelligent person (in my humble opinion) would see moving in or at least having a little bit of access as a smart investment for their future! I'm not going to be in a relationship with someone for, I dunno, let's say 5 years and not live with them. That is not a committed relationship. At 5 years, I would hope living together would be a step up in our commitment to each other. I don't believe in the contract called marriage but I am big on commitment! You're making up your face at the prospect of having a girlfriend around you more than 2 or 3 times a week.... Just admit that you're into having more than one girl at a time and call it a day.

5. Putting stuff in each other's name when you're not married. I don't feel that should be considered a marital act but I do agree with you... That's just crazy! There are certain things I wouldn't do for personal reasons and putting a car, phone, house, etc, in my name for a man, husband or not, is a no-no for me. Yes, I believe when you're in love and committed, you're suppose to do whatever you can to uplift your significant other BUT, you don't have to sacrifice your credit for a relationship. Lend him your car, not you SIN card #!

6. Sex without a condom. Ok, so this is a touchy subject. Now, those who follow the bible to a tee would argue that sex, especially without a condom, is a martial act. Me, I'm more of a spiritual person and I think that in ALL aspects of life, you should do what you want in your own time. It's called nature and going with your natural feelings. My advice? Get all the information you can about what you're about to do and be aware of your actions. SIMPLE. & while we're on the subject, I don't promote unprotected sex with multiple partners and not getting a regular check up. That's irresponsible! Also, a person having AIDS a year before you meet them doesn't change whether you have sex with them before or after marriage.... THEY STILL HAVE AIDS!

7. "He's not yours, she's not yours...". You sir are correct. Nobody belongs to anybody! This is the reason why I have such an issue with marriage. A ring and a signiture on the dotted line does NOT give you power or ownership over the person you're with! You are only responsible for yourself! For you to say, don't have unprotected sex/live with/put a car in your name for your boyfriend/girlfriend because they're not 'yours', doesn't change once you get married! The legality of a relationship doesn't change anything!

8. Along with #7, he says, "a bad word for a relationship is MY...". I agree but only because in my opinion, the word MY is a sign of ownership. "Look at MY car.", "This is MY diploma.", "Come meet MY boyfriend.". To be honest, if you're going to take on the title of girfriend/boyfriend, the ownership for the other person is automatic. You're probably confused at what I mean but I assure you it makes sense if you really think about it. If calling someone your 'boo', 'hubby' or 'wifey' is doin' the most, why is it different when you call them your husband and wife? Oh lemme guess, it makes a difference because I signed the contract right? Man, a title is a title! An then to say MY is a marital word and you're setting yourself up for failure if you say it but you're not married.... You sound really stupid but have proved my point about marriage!

9. Surprise surprise, he thinks a woman going over to a man's house once in a while to cook and clean for him is cool, as long as she doesn't complain.... I don't think I need to touch on this one. The blatant IGNORANCE is right there! I will say this though.... If we as women take it upon ourselves to do these kinds of things for the men we're involved with, we need to take the good with the bad (a man's appreciation vs. his inconsideration) otherwise, stay home and do it for OURSELVES!

10. He says, and I quote, "don't assume cause you move in with this dude that everything'll be honky-doory". Ohh, so once we get married, I should NOT assume he'll be faithful, committed and happy with me either right? WHY WOULD I GET MARRIED THEN??! I feel like walking around with a t-shirt that says "Life is NOT granteed and marriage doesn't make a difference". UGH!

11. He says doing these "martial acts" and not being married means you're giving someone an opportunity to use you. Really? Are you that dense? People use people everyday for various reasons.... MARRIAGE INCLUDED!

12. Although I believe everything happends in it's own time, I agree that setting up a time frame where a couple sits down with each other after a few months to look at their relationship and determine whether or not it's going anywhere is a smart idea. It makes sense to me and I believe doing this will take away the fading part of the relationship... You know, where one person loses interest and starts looking elsewhere while the other stresses themself out trying to find ways to work things out? Those of you who are interested in being committed in your relationship, try this out and let me know if it works!

Overall, I think his attitude sucks and he should be a little more aware that not everybody lives according to the bible.... I'm just saying.

Ms. MusiQ: I say what I mean & mean what I say...


Sooooo.... A woman gives an overly persisent man her business card so he would leave her alone. She wasn't interested so she didn't returned his initial voicemail.... Then he left a second one... :(

Men, if any of you are anything like the man who left these messages, expect to be alone FOREVER!

Click the link for the DISTURBING messages!

The Hair Ordeal

Personally... I've been addicted to "the creamy crack" for YEARS but I'm getting bored with what's on my head! Some days I wake up saying, "Ugh! My hair is too flat... Should I weave it or go natural?" *I recently did 'natural'.... No thank you!* Other days I think, "Hmmm... Maybe I should start over and cut it all off!"

I don't know what to do with my head nowadays but I am tired of stressing over it!
Anywho, I found these two videos online. One is of Solange's appearance on Oprah yesterday talking about why she cut off her hair (which was a DOPE ASS decision because she looks great!) and they other is of Nia Long during her appearance on Chelsea Lately talk about "Good Hair" and why white women wear more weave than black women:


Nia Long

Ms. MusiQ: LOL @ Chris Rock giving Nia Long a fake #! PS, Chelsea Lately is weird!

Who wants to get LAID today??

Ok, now that I have your attention, today is the day Shannon Boodram's book, "Laid: Young People's Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture" (Seal Press/ October 2009) is release into the world!! I'm so excited for you mama!
I want all you dope & fresh people out there to go to Chapters (or Barnes and Nobles, depending on where you live) and grab a copy or two and educate yourselves!! I also invite you to come out and show Shannon love at her book release party on Wednesday, October 14 at Revival (located at 783 College Street West.... It's a 19+ event!).

Shannon says, "LAID is a collection of true stories from males and females 18-25 across North America. It covers hookups, amazing sexual experiences, consequences (STD/ abortion/ pregnancy), date rape/ sexual abuse and abstinence. It is shockingly real... - I am the editor with contributing stories."

Some pictures representing each chapter of the book and more words from Ms. Boodram about why she wrote 'LAID'....
"My American University experience was extraordinarily educational but not in the way you migh expect – what I learned from others easily trumped whatever was fed to me in my classes. There are many in Baltimore who made a strong impact on my education but there are three individuals who particularly stand out: a young girl living with HIV that I met through a local mall modeling competition, a homosexual girl who was my age as well as one of my dorm mates and finally a serious boyfriend who took far more interest in respecting my sexuality than I was accustomed to.
I had a wonderful experience in Maryland but I chose not to stay on scholarship since my love for track had dissipated. So, at 19 I came back to my home city, Toronto. I felt like a brand new person and what changed the most was my view on sexuality. At age 16, for several frivolous reasons (friends, media, pressure, stupidity) I became pretty promiscuous. I took this mentality with me to Baltimore but it certainly did not make it on my return flight. My self-sexual education had begun but it was far from over. I began to read books, search on-line and talk to others but I could not find the raw candor I had become accustomed to in Baltimore. To boot my youngest cousin, whom I was extremely close to, was 16 and way too much like me. I did not want her to make the sexual same mistakes based on ignorance or misconceptions."

"In what seemed like an overnight whim, I launched a website called Save Your Cherry (, a small, poorly designed site that shared my own experiences and encouraged others to write in and tell theirs. I went on Much Music, a National TV show as a contestant for a show wearing an airbrushed marina with the site name and a huge cherry on the front. After that I couldn’t turn back and the e-mails began to poor in. My sex site, which graphically described how I lost my virginity to a near stranger, initially broke my mother’s heart, but it went on to help hundreds of thousands of curious and perhaps a little fed-up young people like myself. Based on the site’s success, I decided to try and turn the collection into a book. I obsessively recruited writers using youth networking services like Myspace, Facebook and Urbis. There is no way to calculate just how many hours I spent telling others about a book that needed their voice."
You guys have no idea how much I respect this lady's grind and her determination to educate others and the honest, no-holds bar way she's doing it..... GO GET HER BOOK!!!

Ms. MusiQ thinks Shannon is one of the dopest.... Owwww!