Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!!

Wishing everyone an amazing, happy and prosperous new year!! All the stress of the past, LET IT GO! All the haters, fake friends and disloyal people, LET THEM GO!! All the procrastinating, having no actions to back up all your talk, SHUT UP AND LET IT GO!!

This year is for the doers! This year is for those who want more out of their lives! This year is for the go getters! Is this year for you?

As my boy Wolf J would say, "people need to live their lives"!! <3

Much love folks,

Ms. MusiQ

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ready... Set... D&F Approved!!

"It's, not, funny anymore......"

Ms. MusiQ: This dude is the business!!

Bout to get 'BEASTY'

I'm focused on what I need to get done. No more slacking from this point on from me, that's my WORD!

My website will be up on poppin', my tees will be done up and FRESH and my dreams will be manifested! Oh yes, I am going hard for mine! To anyone who's been wondering why I haven't done anymore YouTube videos, I've got something up my sleeve and Im coming correct! I'm so ready to get my life back in order and take my dreams to the next level.

Ms. MusiQ wants to know... are you rollin'?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Upside Down Day...

Gotta show love to my homie, Toronto artist Wolf J... Take in this "Grizzly Bears Panda" trailer! He's LIVE!

Download his "Upside Down Day" Tapemix at (for FREE)

Ms. MusiQ loves dope people... Ahhhhhh!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Sooooooooooo Sad....

Just got the word that, "Day 26 is moving on without Que".... In what world does this makes any kind of sense?? WHO TOLD DAY 26 THERE WAS A GROUP WITHOUT QUE????

... So cheesed.

Que honey, I pray you find your way through this and I hope your next career move takes you to the top!! <3

Hard or trying a ting?

I've always wanted to know: Since when does being half/fully naked = being a fashionista/fashion icon? Granted, her stylist Mariel Haenn has an AMAZING eye for what's hot but, do I have to see all of Rihanna's business in the process?? Faaaaak!!!

Oh and another thing, what's with all the crotch grabbing? Is that suppose to mean you're "hard" Rihanna? I haaaaaatttteeee seeing guys do that sh*t and you don't make it look sexy, sorry! Everything you do now is just... it's just too much!

Rihanna Feat. Yung Jeezy - Hard

Ms. MusiQ: As my cousin would say, "I dunno how to feel...."

PS. This song, that's suppose to be a stab at her ex, was the new joint of the day on 106 & Park.... Chris Brown was the guest in the studio as well.
*side eye @ BET*

Conspiracy? I dunno but come one people, stop trying to re-fuel the drama!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where You At??: Day26

My mind ran on my boys Day26 today.... What happend to you guys? You're not all up in my face like you use to be and that makes me S-A-D!! Guess you've been pushed to the back burner already... LEAVE BAD BOY NOW!!!!

Anywho, I went on YouTube to watch their video for 'Girlfriend' and found 3 videos I've never seen before... SWEEEEEEET!

Day 26 - Perfectly Blind

.... I'm sooooooooooooooo in love with Que (& his voice)! Mike's voice gives me goosebumps too :D

Day 26 - Then There's You

.... Interesting concept and nice song. *Psssst, Que... you're HOT!*

Day 26 - Just Getting Started

.... The song makes me nervous (because it's SO BAD) but I'm not surprised the video is shitty (side eye at the BadBoy team :@)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee this song!! Thx Melanie :D

Melanie Fiona - Monday Morning

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The reason why I love Mateo....

If you don't fall in love with this dude after watching this video, you and I are no longer friends!!

I believe I am borderline obsessed... Sorry but he's beyond dope!

YouTuber #4

Oh Mr. Broadway.... I LOVE your voice sooo much!! I guess I shouldn't be surprised since you roll with Dondria but you can stand firmly on your own two and carry a note like no other!

Check him out for yourselves guys:

Ready For Love (He does a better job than some of girls!)

Crawl (Sounds JUST like Chris!)

Human Nature


Ms. MusiQ has a thing for cute dudes with dope voices... Awwwww!

MusiQ Videos...

My sister got this damn song in my head... It's actually pretty dope. Until I watched this video, I didn't realize that Tyga joined the crew... Smh.

Young Money - Bedrock

*I looooooovvvveeee you Lloyd :D**

This song is sweet... Very surprised!

Trey Songz - One Love

"One mind, one heart, one love...."

Timbaland Feat. Drake - Say Something

*I'm starting to like Drake's singing voice... YIKES!*

Mariah Carey - H.A.T.E.U

*That white bathing suit is hot... The black one, not so much*

Mary J Blige - I Am

*Dope song and she looks great!*

Lupe Fiasco - Solar Midnite

*This barely gets a pass & only because it's for the 'New Moon' soundtrack... I'll refrain from saying how I really feel because my homie Asia F. will kick my ass for clownin her dude. SMH!!*

Hey World!!

I know I know, I've been post-less for a minute.... I went on a much needed vacay with my family to the Dominican Republic for my aunt's wedding (thx mom :D). It was AMAZING!! I'll be uploading pictures soon but right now, I'm hella tired.

Congrats Auntie Charlene and Uncle Kirk <3