Monday, March 8, 2010

"No ma'am Ms. Pam!"

Hahahaaa! I love me some Qaadir aka Timaya.... He has soooooo many quotable lines, it's ridiculous!!

*Warning: Video contains A LOT of swearing*

You're Doing A Bit Much For Me

LMAO, oh man... Where do I begin??

"& she made some type of rancid ass statement...."

"Stay the f*ck in your lane, because if you come in my lane, you're liable to get run the f*ck over!"

"At this point you are reaching, for the stars, and f*ckin' beyond b*tch and you are NOT Buzz Lightyear girl..."

"Right then and there, I had a muthaf*ckin' Twix, need a muthaf*ckin' moment, moment on that ass girl! Because girl, in this recession, don't play with nobody's money Ms. b*tch...." [<-- Bahahaaha... That's Twix moment thing is my sh*t!!]

"I think you misread the situation and I think you misinterpreted the situation girl. Let me just re-introduce myself ok? My name is Qaadir Howard and I'm NOT Captain Save-A-Hoe!"

"B*tch I don't even too much know you nor do I too much care for you. So I'm definitely not going to get into an altercation on your behalf girl...."

"Ok see, you know what... you're doing the f*ckin' most...."

"You're writing a girl a cheque for, you know, $100,000.00 when you got $10 in your account Ms. Girl. Excuse me?? Girl, OVERDRAFT FEE.... HELLO!!"

Ms. MusiQ: *Dying* This dude is HILARIOUS!!

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