Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here's another one...

Here's my girl version of Pleasure P's song "Boyfriend #2".... TAKE IN THE LYRICS, NOT THE VOICE!!


"I've been gone for a min, now I'm back with the jump-off..."

Hahaa.. sorry, that line just came to me, lol. Been a lil busy, been out of town & now I'm BACK! I shall post my second video as soon as I get organized... STAY TUNED!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I had to do it...

Here's my girl response to Drake's song "Sooner Than Later".
[Don't watch the vocals, take in the lyrics, lol.]

New Vids...

I'm all for being faithful in relationships... But I gotta be real, I'm sooo diggin this song/ concept!
[Pleasure P - "Boyfriend #2"]

Now, this Kanye track is cool... but the effects in this video are ANNOYING AS HELL!!
[Kanye West Feat. Kid Cudi - "Welcome to Heartbreak"]

I dunno what it is about LadyGaga.... but I'm slowly turning into a fan. "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick!" LMAO!
*White jacket & Chanel pumps are CRAZY!!*
[LadyGaga - "Love Game"]

This song is the TRUTH!!!
[Ciara - "Never Ever"]

This song kills me... I love my Luda!
[Ludacris Feat. Plies - "Nasty girl"]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Real recognize real...

Now, I personally have had my issues with this dude because of something that he did one night at a club back in '07 and I'm known for holding grudges. Since that incident, I completely wrote him off and never listened to his music until this year. A friend made me listen to "Say What's Real" and "Brand New" a few weeks ago and although I liked the tracks, I still wasn't interested in hearing anything else by him. It wasn't until today, when I was looking at Lola Luv's blog and saw the link to download his new mixtape, that I changed my mind. I sat here for a few minutes debating whether or not I should give it a chance and decided that, as a music lover, I should give everyone at least one play...

So....... What's my verdict?

Drake's "So Far Gone" mixtape is C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I have to admit, I am very impressed by his lyrical skills. Congratz bro, you smashed it.... I gotta give RESPECT where it's due!

See for yourselves:

--Dare I say I am now a fan??

For the love of the pen & pad...

I really appreciate and have a lot of admiration for songwriters that are slick with the pen and pad. There are a lot of different writers that I look up to, one of my favorites being BRYAN-MICHAEL COX!! This award winning songwriter and producer has worked with some of my favorite artists and has contributed to some of my favorite tracks. You always know the song he's workin on is poppin when he leaves his stamp, "Another B. Cox joint!".... DOPE!

Some artists he's work with:
Monica, Whitney Houston, LeToya Luckett, Omarion, Ciara, Mya, Amerie, Musiq, Tamia, Johnta Austin, Cassie, Olivia, Frankie J and Faith Evans . He has begun working on forthcoming projects by Monica (Executive Producer), Brandy, Mariah Carey, Teairra Mari, Keyshia Cole, Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, Amerie, Mario, Tevin Campbell and Ashanti, just to name a few!

Some songs he has worked on:
Day 26 - 'Are We In This Together', 'Don't Fight The Feeling' and 'Come With Me'

Faith Evans - 'True Love'

Chris Brown - 'Winner' and 'Say Goodbye'

Ciara - 'So Hard'

Jagged Edge - 'Let's Get Married', 'Promise', 'Girl It's over', 'Best Man', 'Shady Girl' and 'I Don't Wanna' (which happends to to one of my FAVORITE songs by my FAVORITE group!!)

Danity Kane - 'Sucka For Love'

Monica - 'U Shoulda Known Better'

Trey Songz - 'Last Time

RL - 'Got Me A Model'

Johnta Austin - 'One Time For Love' and 'Baby Tell Me The Way'

Usher - 'Confessions (Pt.2)', 'Burn' & 'U Got it Bad'

Mary J. Blige - 'Be Without You'

Mariah Carey - 'Don't Forget About Us'

... again, that's just naming a few

He's won Grammys for production and songwriting credits and was named SESAC's Songwriter of the Year from 2000-2003

Man oh man, I would LOVE to work with him.... HOLLA AT ME!!

--I heart B. Cox

Friday, February 13, 2009

Radio Killa!!

I dunno what it is about this dude but he's SO DOPE! From Shawty is a 10 to Purple Kisses, The Dream is killin me with these hits!

Brand new track: Rockin That Thang

*Also look out for "My love" Feat. Mariah Carey.... track is HUGE!!*
--Slick with the pen


I've been on this healthy kick/ environmentally friendly tip for a long time now and I can be pretty annoying when I'm giving my friends/ family lectures on what not to use and eat, lol. Do I always eat right? No, but I normally opt for a Vegatarian dish. Is everything I have/ use biodegradable and/ or organic in some way? No, but I don't litter and I do my best to stay away from plastic items!

I came across this new store in Yorkdale Mall called PISTACHIO. It's an Eco-friendly store that is about, "creating, using, and reusing things intelligently, about wasting less, and about putting good things into and onto our bodies". They have all kinds of informative books on healthy living, they sell baby clothes made with organic cotton and they also sell cosmetics, lotions, bath salts, etc., all made with 100% NATURAL ingredients... I absolutely LOVE IT!

I bought a book from there called, Organic Home ($20.00) and it's filled with a lot of tips about toxin-free living. Things like, what natural cleaning agents to use when cleaning your home, fabrics and work area, choosing natural flooring and reducing waste. It gives you lists of organic and healthy foods you should eat, as well as tips for personal hygiene, herbal medicines and baby care.

Check out their sample website:
--Veggie freak

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Fashionista's prayer....

As Qiana said, this is blasphemous but hilarious...

Who art in Holts
Hallowed be thy shoes
Thy Prada come
Thy shopping done
On Bloor street
As it is in Paris
Give us this day, our Visa Gold
And forgive us our balance
As we forgive those who charge us interest
Lead us not into Wal Mart
And deliver us from Sears
For thine is the Louis,
The Gaultier, and the Versace,
For Dolce and Gabbana

By: ?? (LOL)


Enough Waiting...

It's official. Procrastination kills the mind & soul!! Instead of continuing to be "patient", instead of relying on others and "thinking" about what I need to do, I'M JUST GONNA DO IT! No more waiting for people to get back to me about studio time, no more waiting on "singers/producers/managers" to call back and hear my music and no more "friends/family" telling me to wait on their contacts.... Forget ALL of you!!

For my 25th birthday, I shall have MY OWN keyboard and mic!! HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW SUCKAS!!!!

--Grind Time!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

90's state of mind....

My cousin sent me a link to this crazy throwback mix that her DJ friend JaeSun made [] and after listening to it, I started remembering songs that I haven't heard in a while.... Oh how I love my MusiQ!!

SWV - "Anything"

Method Man Feat. D'Angelo - "Break Ups to Make Ups

Faith Evans - "As Soon As I Get Home"

Case Feat. Mary J. Blige & Foxy Brown - "Touch Me, Tease Me"

KP & Envy - "Shorty Swing My Way"

LL Cool J - "Doin' It"

**Sigh.. & that's only a

--Ol' skool lover

This is my JAM!

Ok so, I'm not a fan of V-day... AT ALL! I've had enough crappy valentines to last me a lifetime! Something, or rather someone, I am a big fan of is Ryan Leslie... he's so DOPE! Ironically enough, one of my favorite songs by him is called, "Valentine". Go figure.....

Copin' your album JUST NOW!

--Humble fan

My Mamacita...

This is my beautiful god-daughter Sa'naah... isn't she lovely? Only 2 weeks old but already the hottest lady alive! Ok... obviously I'm very bias but, what can I say... I'm in LOVE!!!

--Proud Auntie

Newbie Blogger!

Yes yes... I decided to FINALLY join this blogging phenom & start my own ish... HELLO PEOPLE!!!!
Bare with me as I'm learning as I go along... *STAY TUNED!*

--Ms. MusiQ