Thursday, June 17, 2010


I completely stole this topic from Twitter and I will be using it as a new category on here, lol!! [Follow me! @dopefreshlife]

#iConfess that Jordan Knight was my FAVORITE New Kid(s On The Block) and when he did his solo album, I was all for it! Back in the day, I thought "Give It To You" was one of the dopest songs and that the video was LIIIIVVVEE!! I mean, a white boy doing big time choreography??! He could do noooooo wrong in my eyes!

Fast forward 11 years..... This song & video are sooooo SHIT! Lmao.... Cheeeeeeeeeese!

Jordan Knight - Give It To You

Ms. MusiQ: I can't believe I use to watch this video repeatedly!


  1. DEAR gosh i find myself saying this to ALOT of videos!!! LOL

  2. LOL! I think we can all name at least 5 cheesy videos that we use love.... BOO!