Sunday, June 7, 2009

He had enough nerve....

I was never gonna post about the NOT-EVEN-CLOSE-TO-SEXY video starring that hurtbag Spectacular of Pretty Ricky. THE GALL OF YOU to subject my eyes to such bullshit.... Your string bean ass in those tight, red FEMALE DRAWS...... Y-U-C-K!

Ok, lemme relax a bit. Again, I was NOT going to post the video because I thought both his attire and his dancing were DISGUSTING..... but then I found a SECOND video. This time, he decided to wear boxers and thought grinding on the floor and using a chair would be... hot?

You need prayer.
You also need a drop kick in your back.

*The following two videos are NOT for those with a weak stomach*
Part 1

Part 2

.... One between the eyes!

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