Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My BET recap.....

I finally watched the BET awards today and I must say, I liked a lot more things than I thought I would have... so I composed a list of passes and FAILURES!:

*First t
hings first, Jamie Foxx is the man!!!! No one else would've been able to pull that off without offending people. I loved the MJ outfits, lmao. I appreciate you sir, I really do. DON'T EVER CHANGE!!
*Tyra, you damn well know you FAILED for that secretary outfit & bum wig!!
*can Lil Wayne ever accept an award without his damn entourage?? FRIG MAN!! Nothing irks me more than seeing 50 ppl accept one man's award... SO GROUPIE-ISH! Thank you Drake for keeping your ass in your seat & not embarassing Toronto, injury or not.
*this really hurts me to say.... BOO @ Keri Hilson's performance!! You tried way tooooooooo effin hard mama. I caught & appreciated the MJ undertones but come on! Such a cheesy ass ending & stupid ass dance moves, UGH!!

*Ne-Yo baby, there is a reason why you're one of my favs.... I don't give a damn what your head looks like, THANK YOU for singing one of fav MJ tunes and NOT murdering it!! I heart you dude!!
*KEKE FRIGGIN PALMER..... You rock mamacita!! I didn't even know you could sing like that!!
*LMAO @ Snoop's boney ass! Can't lie tho, 'Blame It' sounds good on that 'Drop It Like It's Hot' beat & the rock switch up at the end of the song was BIG!

*Tiny & Toya. Ummm... Well, I'm probably alone on this one but besides the fact that I'm super confused as to why you two have a reality show, I find Toya to be a very pretty girl. Tiny...... You were always my fav in Xscape so, I guess that's why I always give you a pass. Even when you're an extreme case of hawt mess-ness, I still like you.... *shoulder shrug*
*I wish I could murder the idiots who gave Soulja Boy a deal. I don't give two shits what you ppl say or think, HE'S FRIGGIN WACK!!! I haaaattteeee that effin 'Turn My Swag' on song.... It's GARBAGE!! All he says is "Yaaaaaaaa..... Yaaaaaaaa" ..... DIIIIEEEEEE ALREADY!!!!
*TPain should choke himself with that BIG ASS CHAIN.... Stop drinkin you idiot!
[.... Dammit! He just thanked the haters. That's a fail for me, lol.... womp womp!]

*Congratz to Ne-Yo on his best male R&B award... I LOVE YOU!! Oh how I would LOVE to work with you one day soon.... :D
*Gawd.. Why is Beyonce's voice so smoove?? I didn't get the point of the switch into the wedding dress tho.... & can someone tell me why she sang 'Ava Maria'?? No honestly, I don't know! I read it was a MJ tribute..... ??!
*OMG @ Skank Robbers!!! WANDA & SHANENEH, that what's up!!!!!! I would watch that in a heart beat!
*My homegirl Tika Simone hated the Mary Mary performance but I thought it was interesting!! & Queen Latifah looked hot!

**Soooo... My aunt made me miss part of the awards show for a Staples run.... Ugh!!**

*Bey's colourful, Flintstone-esque dress was SMOKIN'!! GET IN MY CLOSET!
*I heart Day 26.... Que baby, HOLLERRRR!
*Holy shit, TEVIN FREAKIN CAMPBELL! My first celebrity love.... I still bump your music to this day! I'm so happy to see/ hear you on stage... *TEARS*
*Ahhhhhhh! Johnny Gill's voice.... WOW! Ok ok, you have to know I am ol' skool to the bone so artists like Mr. Gill do it for me! Trey Songz & Tyrese did a great job too, but Johnny is on a whole 'nother level! [I'm assuming they gave Trey more lead vocals cause he's the prettier one of the bunch... LMAO!]
*LOL @ Eddie Levert cussin on stage, hahahaa.... O'Jays are in the building! *MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY.... MONEY!*

*uGh @ Ray J's cheesy ass.... nuff said.
*Wyclef & Alicia Keys were very deserving of those Humanitarian awards. MJ, you certainly inspired a lot of ppl to humble themselves and give back... myself included!
*LOL @ The Baby Boy stint.... but umm,Ving Rhames needs to sit the hell down!
*I dunno bout anyone else but I appreciated Tiny accepting T.I.'s award.... Stand tall for your man mama!
*M-A-X-W-E-L-L...... *drool*
*Drake performed 'Best I Ever Had' @ the BET awards..... I'm sooooooo proud of Tee Dot right now...

*..... just like that, Young Money's performance of 'Every Girl in the World' made me want to vomit!! The funny thing is, because I'm watching the rerun, BET blurred out the lil girls on stage... Smart move.
*Awwwwww... Janet.... *Tears*. Nice tribute song Jamie & Ne-Yo... *more tears*

..... I'm still left wondering why BET rushed this "tribute" when they could have properly set aside another date to PROPERLY honor MJ. Beside Jamie's "moonwalk" [LOL], where were the dance tributes???? ARGH!!! :@ :@

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