Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Hair Ordeal

Personally... I've been addicted to "the creamy crack" for YEARS but I'm getting bored with what's on my head! Some days I wake up saying, "Ugh! My hair is too flat... Should I weave it or go natural?" *I recently did 'natural'.... No thank you!* Other days I think, "Hmmm... Maybe I should start over and cut it all off!"

I don't know what to do with my head nowadays but I am tired of stressing over it!
Anywho, I found these two videos online. One is of Solange's appearance on Oprah yesterday talking about why she cut off her hair (which was a DOPE ASS decision because she looks great!) and they other is of Nia Long during her appearance on Chelsea Lately talk about "Good Hair" and why white women wear more weave than black women:


Nia Long

Ms. MusiQ: LOL @ Chris Rock giving Nia Long a fake #! PS, Chelsea Lately is weird!

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