Friday, December 18, 2009

Hard or trying a ting?

I've always wanted to know: Since when does being half/fully naked = being a fashionista/fashion icon? Granted, her stylist Mariel Haenn has an AMAZING eye for what's hot but, do I have to see all of Rihanna's business in the process?? Faaaaak!!!

Oh and another thing, what's with all the crotch grabbing? Is that suppose to mean you're "hard" Rihanna? I haaaaaatttteeee seeing guys do that sh*t and you don't make it look sexy, sorry! Everything you do now is just... it's just too much!

Rihanna Feat. Yung Jeezy - Hard

Ms. MusiQ: As my cousin would say, "I dunno how to feel...."

PS. This song, that's suppose to be a stab at her ex, was the new joint of the day on 106 & Park.... Chris Brown was the guest in the studio as well.
*side eye @ BET*

Conspiracy? I dunno but come one people, stop trying to re-fuel the drama!

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