Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keri + Akon = Unnecessary yelling....

You guys already know Keri Hilson is my girl... But I'm gonna have to pass on this song!!

'Change Me' is (reportedly) the new/first single off her upcoming sophomore album and it features Akon. In my opinion, the writing is extremely basic ("... Maybe you need somebody different. Somebody who fits you like a glove." -- PARDON?!?!?), the concept of the video is pretty dry/corny and the loud singing/yelling is UNNECESSARY!!

*Good luck to Akon trying to perform this song more than twice... No bueno.*

Keri Hilson Feat. Akon - Change Me

Ms. MusiQ... My ears are bleeding.


  1. umm.. did she really add a lil silver piece to that unnecessary rat-tail?? ummmmmmm hold ur seat.. makeup looks dope on her though.. song's very annoying.. and TELL AKON TO HOLD HIS DAMN SEAT WIT ALL THAT BLOODCLOTT YELLING! frigg man

    Asia F.

  2. *DEAD* My thoughts exactly.

    Ri-damn-diculous! #douchebaggery