Monday, January 4, 2010

Why the frig.... ??

.... Am I just 4 days into the new year and already shaking my head at people & dumb situations?

.... Am I already losing sleep (in favour of business, of course)?

.... Did I go to a house party (shout out to @starven3!) and already hear enough Reggae music to last me the rest of the year?

.... Did I sit on a couch at that same party and feel like somebody's Grandmother because I was the only one who was NOT bubbling? LOL!

.... Are people NOW getting at me about business? Dude, it's the same idea I had 6 months ago, remember? You didn't think it was important then, so why are you bothering me now? *side eye*

.... Didn't I get more familiar with some of the dopest people I know months ago?

.... Is Twitter sooooo addictive?? Frig man, I REALLY didn't want it!! (#fail)

.... Are we STILL riding Chris Brown & Rihanna and Jay Z & Beyonce? Nothing better to talk about in 2010?? Really?

.... Am I so open and real with people, yet I never know their true colours until there's an awkward moment? *rubs temples*

.... Are people mad that I deleted them off BBM? Listen, we didn't have much to talk about in '09 and our first convo in '10 was horrible (your fault, not mine)! Is it really that serious?

.... Is it so hard to find real, genuine people to talk to?


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