Sunday, February 14, 2010

What.... Is... Alla... Dis????

Sooooo... After Nokio went too far overboard in the metro-sexual department, 2 members were replaced with another new person and Sisqo embarrassed the entire world by wearing that RIDICULOUS Borat man-kini thing, Dru Hill has made another come back...... Ummm, why?

I peeped this video on WSHH and of course, I cringed the whole way through it! Jazz's voice isn't as smooth as it use to be, Nokio's hair & wardrobe stylists need they ass beat and Sisqo sounds like he drank an extra shot (or three) of JD's before getting in the booth! Oh and new guy... who are you again??

PS. Boybanders who drop off the face of the earth and come back years later in their "new and improved" MANband form need to STOP DOING CHOREOGRAPHY!!! Smh.... #c'monson!

Dru Hill - Love M.D.

Ms. MusiQ is in migraine mode.

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