Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why being a groupie always backfires....

So, I originally said I wasn't even going to touch this subject because I didn't want to give any energy to this chick's name.... but after seeing this HILARIOUS video from a guy who dissected one of this bird's videos, I decided to say my piece and be done with it. Here we go....

The first time I saw the name 'Kat Stacks', it kept popping up all over my Twitter feed. I wish to gawd I minded my business and never clicked the link to her triflin' ass video on World Star Hip Hop but sadly, I did. I lasted about a minute and some odd seconds before my ears started to bleed!!

Besides her annoying, high pitched, nasally, GAWD-AWFUL voice and her stank ass demeanor in the video, who really wants to hear her dumb ass sit infront of a computer and tell stories about the rappers that she beat off and now wants to expose? Contrary to what some might think, I DON'T! Seriously, Superhead already decided to disgrace herself and claim "the whore of the century" position, so really.... What the hell are YOU trying to do chick? Oh & another thing.... Haven't you rappers learned anything since Superhead came out? ARGH!

Moving along, after I turned off that sad ass video, I promised myself I'd ignore everything that had to do with this bean-head.... That was, until I was blog surfing and come across this video of dude ripping her first "tell all" video to shreds!! Hil-ar-ity! Please.... Watch it for yourselves!!


Some key points he left out:

1. Not only is she doing the world a disservice with this book deal and lying through her damn teeth about her movie deal, SHE CAN'T EVEN SPEAK PROPERLY!! Forget the spelling for a moment.... Her illiterate ass mumbled through half this damn video!

2. Did anyone notice that she was reading off something throughout her video? & she couldn't even read want she wrote properly either! Like honestly.... That's like when a rapper "freestyles" a written verse.... WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU!

3. You have a son! Although I know nothing about your mothering skills, I guarantee that little boy will NOT appreciate the fact that you're so happy & eager to get infront of a camera & tell the world that you slammed the entire Young Money Crew, Nelly and Bow Wow.... & those are only the names I got from this video! Do you smoke Meth for breakfast?

Ms. MusiQ: Here's a tip mama.... Run eastbound in the oncoming westbound lane on the highway. We will all appreciate it, thanks!

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  1. omg meka, you are so funny.
    This girl is clearly on drugs. I didnt know she had a child? SHAME!