Monday, August 2, 2010

Heavily side tracked...

My workout/healthy eating and diet regiment is deplorable. I don't remember when I slipped and ate fast food or when I ditched the gym in favour of TV but I do know that I have completely gone off course! Can't blame anyone but myself for my not-so-summer-body fit!

Well, I'm getting off my ass once and for all!! I need to get all my basis covered consistently.... Healthier foods for nourishment, yoga for the spirit and sports/exercise for a fitter body! If anyone sees me even looking in the direction of McDonald's, slap the thought out of me! If I decline a workout, kick my butt into action!

Enough is enough.... Period!

*Daaaammmnnnn CiCi!*

Ms. MusiQ: I need that 'Ciara-body-fit'!

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