Monday, August 2, 2010

New choices = New goals

So, here I am in August with maybe 3/10 things done on the "Get It Done" list I made on New Years Day.... Pathetic I know. Nature never flows to plans & I already knew and accepted that. What I cannot accept though, is the way I've wavered from my goals. Laying in bed one morning, I thought to myself, am I really that lazy and unfocused? Am I really that determined to stay exactly where I am in life??

Then I thought, do I still love the things that I'm doing? Are these things really still my goals?
The answers are sometimes, hell no, not really and not anymore....

"To hell with it then!" was pretty much the revelation that came to me so, I'm running with that! Here I am in August, 26, still cooped up in a house I don't care to be in, without a vehicle (and I've ALWAYS wanted one), working a VERY mundane job (= just over broke!) and chasing a former dream that because I nightmare everyday..... EFF ALL AH DAT! I need my own space! I need a car! I NEED MY CAREER!!

In turn, said revelation led me to make brand new choices to do something BIG for myself in what's left of my time here. I boldly stepped into a lane I've never traveled on and didn't think I could ever walk and I decided to finally put the "childish things away".

Good job Tee!

Ms. MusiQ will updating on the progress as it comes!

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