Friday, February 13, 2009


I've been on this healthy kick/ environmentally friendly tip for a long time now and I can be pretty annoying when I'm giving my friends/ family lectures on what not to use and eat, lol. Do I always eat right? No, but I normally opt for a Vegatarian dish. Is everything I have/ use biodegradable and/ or organic in some way? No, but I don't litter and I do my best to stay away from plastic items!

I came across this new store in Yorkdale Mall called PISTACHIO. It's an Eco-friendly store that is about, "creating, using, and reusing things intelligently, about wasting less, and about putting good things into and onto our bodies". They have all kinds of informative books on healthy living, they sell baby clothes made with organic cotton and they also sell cosmetics, lotions, bath salts, etc., all made with 100% NATURAL ingredients... I absolutely LOVE IT!

I bought a book from there called, Organic Home ($20.00) and it's filled with a lot of tips about toxin-free living. Things like, what natural cleaning agents to use when cleaning your home, fabrics and work area, choosing natural flooring and reducing waste. It gives you lists of organic and healthy foods you should eat, as well as tips for personal hygiene, herbal medicines and baby care.

Check out their sample website:
--Veggie freak

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