Saturday, February 14, 2009

Real recognize real...

Now, I personally have had my issues with this dude because of something that he did one night at a club back in '07 and I'm known for holding grudges. Since that incident, I completely wrote him off and never listened to his music until this year. A friend made me listen to "Say What's Real" and "Brand New" a few weeks ago and although I liked the tracks, I still wasn't interested in hearing anything else by him. It wasn't until today, when I was looking at Lola Luv's blog and saw the link to download his new mixtape, that I changed my mind. I sat here for a few minutes debating whether or not I should give it a chance and decided that, as a music lover, I should give everyone at least one play...

So....... What's my verdict?

Drake's "So Far Gone" mixtape is C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I have to admit, I am very impressed by his lyrical skills. Congratz bro, you smashed it.... I gotta give RESPECT where it's due!

See for yourselves:

--Dare I say I am now a fan??

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