Friday, April 10, 2009

GreenBench to di wooorrrrlllllllddddd!!!

Big shouts out to my FB friend Chris Denning for putting me on to these dudes... This shit is toooooooooooo HILARIOUS, OMG!!!

Here's a few videos they got on YouTube. These are the "GreenBench V-Cards"... when you really wanna tell somebody how to feel but can't find the words... LMAO! Peep this:

Green Bench V-Card #3: Don't Ask

Green Bench V-Card #7: Vacation From You

Green Bench V-Card #9: Friendly Encounters

& here's my favorite one so far. An ode to those late night commericals promoting slow jam cds.... LMFAO! [WATCH THE WHOLE THING!]

Green Bench Gangsta Love Vol.2:


For more hilarious videos or just to check them out, go to:

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