Monday, November 2, 2009

A hot mess Halloween...

Ice-T's wife Coco.... Barely-there outfits are like her uniform.

LOL! TT looks awesome as Shaneneh (from the classic TV show 'Martin')... Her homeboys on the other hand... YIKES!

Lance really looks like he's coming straight out of Compton... But what the frig is Eva's costume suppose to be?

Ang... Always a cutie, seen here as Minnie Mouse ("No no no, no me guesta mouse!" HAHAA!). Her producer boyfriend is dressed as Sean Paul. The resemblance is SCARY!
Ok so.... Monica & her family are NOT dressed for Halloween. This is actually a pic from her sons' bday celebration.... I decided to put this pic up because of Rocko's face. He's ALWAYS skinning up his face in EVERY picture!! It's pretty much a mask..... Ha!