Monday, November 23, 2009

My thoughts on the 2009 AMAs

Ok so, I wasn't watching the time and missed the first 15 mins of the show! Now, that wouldn't be so bad if it was the BET Awards but they never rerun the AMAs and I MISSED JANET!! Efffffff! Man, thank goodness for YouTube and WSHH!

-I tuned into the AMAs in time to see Shakira's sh*tty step routine performance thing. Moving along...
-Kelly Clarkson performed her record breaking hit, 'Already Gone' and while her performance definately lacked some much needed energy, you can't deny her natural talent. Nice vocals Kelly (but please fire your hair and wardrobe stylists ASAP)!
-I didn't love Carrie Underwood's performance or the song but she just has that thing.... Is it her strong vocals? Her personality? I dunno what it is but I like the girl.
-Jay Z and Alicia Keys had everybody on the feet and sing along to 'New York'. Yeah, the song is MAD catchy, I can admit that and I love the piano intro that Alicia did. I also gotta admit that I would've appreciated it if the Jay stuck to his "All Black Everything" cause that suit choice sucked.
-Rihanna's performance was sooooo SH*T!! POINT BLANK PERIOD. She really needs to stop getting so naked all the damn time, on some real sh*t.
-Lady Gaga, always the original, performed "Bad Romance/Speechless' and broke some glass... Dangerous but HOT! LOL.
-I forgot how good Mary J. Blige sounds live and I liked her performance.... Plus, she looked really good!
-Jennifer Lopez tried a ting with her new song 'Louboutins'.... *Go ahead and laugh. I know I did!* She hasn't performed in nineteen-eleven years and thought it was appropriate come out on stage as a boxing champ and sing THAT song............ WHO TOLD YOU?! PS, I won't laugh about your fall but I will say that your solo dance sequence didn't have the same flare as it use to. Time to regroup mama, I'm just saying!
-*sigh* Alicia Keys.... I really hate it when you try so hard. Stick to swaying your hips and sitting at your piano mama! That little dance session you had with your backup dancer was very ackward & NOT cute! I'm starting to like that, 'Sleeping With a Broken Heart' song but your pitchy vocals will be the death of me.
-BEP should stick to upbeat songs/performances and be easy with those space suits!
-Eminem and 50 seemed maaaadddd out of place to me..... and who told Eminem to do 'Forever' without Drake?
-I didn't expect Timberland to perform tonight so that was a surprise. The permance gets a 6/10 and all because he brought out Nelly Furtado!
-Green Day is hella consistent... Nuff said!
-*side eye* @ this Adam Lambert dude. I'm so off beat right now. I don't know how to feel.....

*Ok so I was able to catch the Janet performance on WSHH. She may look about 30 but she really is dancing with the energy of a 45 yr old these days :(. I liked the music throwbacks but I HATED her outfit. Can someone tell me why she continues to wear these baggy suits with the tight belts around the waist of the jacket?? Anyways, I appreciated her saving 'Together Again' for last... I know that was for MJ <3

Ms. MusiQ:
What was your favorite moment??

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