Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 AMA Pics/Vids

Shakira look hot in this yellow number. Wrong choice of pumps though.

Leona Lewis, who is your stylist and why are you still paying her? Booties can gwan but, that's about it!

Shante looked good. Didn't like the hair or shoes but that jumper is hot!

This look is a no for me Jenny.

... Just why? Rihanna is taking is "egdy" persona too far.

Looking good ladies!

This one is A LITTLE BIT better than the white outfit.

A good look for our boy Drizzy....

Hey Ne-Yo, nice blazer. Not loving that button up though...

Nice dress Paula, just a little too dressy for the AMAs... In my opinion.

Nice dress Mary... Would've loved the hair if it was darker and not so patchy.

Melody from the Pussycat Dolls came through, looking FRESH!

uGh @ the Black Eye Peas.... *side eye*

Loved Keri Hilson's ensemble but my homie @datchickneeks was right, her make up was TERRIBLE!

I would have paired this outfit with different shoes but Alicia Keys looks amazing!

I'm on the fence with this one. I has potential but it needs a lot of tweeking. Rihanna, I think it's about time you change your hair colour.... It sucks.

Janet Jackson's Performance Intro For The American Music Awards
[Where was the energy Ms. Jackson?]

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Performance At The American Music Awards
[Just can't help but sing along]

Rihanna's Performance At The American Music Awards
[.... No thx]

Jennifer Lopez Performance At The American Music Awards! (She Falls On Her Boot-tay But Played It Off Nicely)
[I was confused the entire way through... Sorry mama]

Alicia Keys Solo Performance At The American Music Awards 2009
[*side eye*]

Lady Gaga AMA 2009 performance Bad Romance and Speechless
[Can't lie, she brought IT]

Kelly Clarkson - AMA 2009 Performance
[Strong vocals]

Black Eyed Peas Perform Live at the 2009 American Music Awards Live
[Will.I.Am, what's you problem?? LOL]

*side note, everyone PLEASE take in the foolishness Will.I.Am put on his head! My homie @datchickneeks had me rolling last night with this comment: "Will.I.Am's lacefront will be in a Keele/Sheppard hairstore soon. Don't fret dancehall queens"*

Ms. MusiQ: What was your favorite performance of the 2009 AMAs??

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