Tuesday, August 4, 2009

D.O.B.C. [Death of Brain Cells]

Soooooo, I was BBMing my homie Aneka this evening [http://datchickneeks.wordpress.com] and she said something that made me go hmmmmmmmm.... I was fascinated by the foolishness of the "Tiny & Toya Show" and she said the smartest thing ever: "I want NO part in that crap!"

At first I tried to justify watching it by saying it was a train-wreck I couldn't help looking at but in all honesty, I got embarassed after she made that comment!! I really DON'T want any part of these stupid shows so why the hell am I tuning in? Like, on some for real ish, why are these shows given the green light?? & I'm not just hating on that paticular show, I'm irritated about all of them!! The 'Frankie & Neffe Show', the drama filled College Hill(s), Flavor of Love (although I watched the shit religiously!) and all it's spin-offs... Just ALL of these "reality" shows that are out there. Like really BET/MTV/VH1, etc... Have we nothing better to produce these days? UGH!

I feel like I'm being robbed of my precious brain cells and quite frankly, I'm disgusted with myself! I should know better than to get caught up in this GARBAGE!! So, in honour of my new found self-disappointment, I've decided to turn it all off. I'm turning off these retarded shows for a much needed mental cleansing! I'm going to pick up some news books and get a damn life.... I will not be a slave to the TV for one more second because I cannot afford to lose anymore brain cells!

--Ms. MusiQ is in need of some mental rejuvenation!

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