Thursday, August 20, 2009

How thin is the line between business and friendship?

Hypothetical situation:

You just started up a Graphic Arts/ Web Design/ Printing company and you aquire your first clients who are co-partners of an up and coming online magazine. You have already established prices on the various services you do and on the various items you will create for them but you decide, as a curtousy, to give these clients a few "discounts" because you know they are just starting out and you would like to grow with them. Over time, your business relationship turns quite friendly and you don't mind going to and supporting their events, as you hope to be working with them long term.
Slowly but surely, you notice that they are not keeping their words on certain agreements, they are starting to slack on their payments and multiple phone calls aren't being returned. You obviously don't want to think the worst or lose your clients but you're left feeling like you should dissolved both realtionships because of their unprofessionalism. How do you go about it?? When all is sad and done, is this a bad reflection on you?

--Ms. MusiQ is annoyed!

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