Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We still miss you!!

R.I.P. Aaliyah Dana Haughton... January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001

I cannot believe it's already been 8 years since the passing of the one and only Aaliyah.

I'm still as sad today as I was 8 years ago. I'll never forget that morning when my cousin ran into the room to wake me up (morning breath all up in my face) yelling, "Tee, wake up! Wake up! You have to come downstairs and look at the news... Your girl, Aaliyah... She's dead!" *Cue the tears*

I swear I watched that BET news coverage everyday for MONTHS! I was hoping it was a rude joke but sadly, it wasn't. I think that was also the day my fear of flying became unbearable :(

Continue to sleep peacefully babygirl. You're still..................

How Could The One I Gave My Heart To

More Than A Woman

We Need A Resolution

Are You That Somebody [I use to know the whole dance to this one!]

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