Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*RIFF*, where are you now??

What do you guys know about the R&B group Riff??
*.... I'll wait a minute while you Google them...*

They were dope back in the day & I had a major crush on the lightskinned dude, LOL! They also had a small part in that Morgan Freeman movie, "Lean On Me". I remember my mom bought me their cassette and I believe I KILLED the ribbon on that bad boy.... Where did you guys disappear to?

Eastside school song from the movie 'Lean On Me'

Everytime My Heart Beats

My Heart is Failing Me

If You're Serious

& I didn't even know until I searched for these songs that they sang the title track to the movie "White Men Can't Jump"... DOPE!

White Man Can't Jump
[If you guys lie & say you never bumpped to this song, you're going to HELL!]

--Ms. MusiQ misses TALENT in the industry!

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  1. they sound really good... i know the music industry needs some real talents