Friday, August 28, 2009

Throwback.... WOW!

Oh man! Shouts out to Andrea Lewis [ ] for posting that throw back video of the group IMAJIN... WHOA! LOL!

Who remembers that group? I remember falling in kiddie-love with John, because he reminded me of Romeo for IMx (or Immature depening on how old you were, lol) and anyone who knows me knows that Romeo was the love of my young life! Here's a video from them, the one I used to watch all the time... Ummm, I guess looking back at it now I realize what a terrible video this was with such terrible vocals but, I mean, they were young boys going through puberty... *shoulder shrug*

Imajin - No Doubt

Ms. MusiQ is wondering, did y'all catch Megan Good and Donald Faison in the video?


  1. this is actually an amazing song! They had some real tunes. Remember "No Love"

    oh my gosh DO NOT make me unearth my CD today!

  2. I was watching this video and smiling so hard my eyes started to water. Okay I'm done being 13 but HOW COULD YOU SAY THIS IS A HORRIBLE VIDEO IT'S LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!1

  3. LMFAO!!! It was awesome in that time period but it;s so cheesy to me now!!

    One thing that hasn't changed is the sweetness of John face! HA!!

  4. & of course I remember that song!

    "No loveeeeeeee, is a real loveeeee... Without yooooouuuuu!" -[cue vocal cracks, lol]

    Ummm... What was Talib's role in this group again?

  5. whoa! I forgot megan good was in this video!! A big deal at the time, slightly embarrassing now lol :).