Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Words to the wise...

My sistah from another mistah put me on to these words and they are SO true!! I got so caught up in my last relationship that I forgot to do me and completely lost myself!!!


Define what you want and expect in a relationship before starting one. Make your expectations known, so he can make an effort to meet them- that is if he is willing on his own. Never let a man define your role in the relationship. There should never be restrictions on your capabilities. Spend time on your own needs. Put in the same time and effort on yourself as you spend on him. Never hold back being who you are from the begining. Sooner than later he will figure you out. Let him know what he's getting himself into. Give him a fair chance to respond. Give him the truth. If he cannot handle it, he is not ready for a relationship. He cannot pick and choose your past- it is what made you the person you are today- the person he is considering a relationship and possibly a future with. Meet his friends and let him meet yours, You are both different people around your friends. Be his friend. Do not depend on him to give you what you can give yourself.

Understand he isn't perfect and neither are you. Don't be hard on him when he hasn't called you. Instead call him to make sure he is ok. What better will you be if you're expecting him to read your mind when you can't read his? Then you would already know why he hadn't called. Follow your dreams and goals. Never put your dreams on hold for his. You are worth the wait and he will wait if he has realized that. Live life for yourself. Make your own plans and succeed on your own. Depend on him to only be at your side supporting and encouraging you. LOVE him unconditionally. Even if he won't show you the same. You do not love someone to be loved back. Love is not an obligation. and the moment you feel like it is, it's not love. And always remember, love changes as people do, it is up to them to decide whether that love changes you.

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