Friday, September 11, 2009

I'll always remember....

I was in 11th grade taking an unnecessary long "bathroom" break when the Principal came on the PA and announced the tragedy happening in NYC. I tried to pay attention but the speakers were terrible and I quickly lost interest. On my way to the cafe, I passed a history classroom, looked in and saw all kinds of teachers and a few students glued to a tv, shock on their faces.... I was curious! I thought to myself, they must be watching a crazy action movie.

I walked into the room, said hello to one of the teachers but she didn't answer me, she just pointed at the tv. I turned to it, saw one burning building, helicopters in the air and a plane stuck in a building.... I said, out loud mistakingly, "what movie are you guys watching?" A teacher replied, "read the bottom of the screen... this is real!"

As I finshed reading what was written across the bottom of the screen, I noticed what looked like tiny balls falling out of the burning building.... I thought to myself, what is that? That's the twin towers? Where's the other one? Is this happening right this minute? The camera zoomed in closer and another teacher yelled out, "Oh my god, people are jumpping from the building!"

I instantly got a pain in my stomach that quickly intensified when I witnessed that second tower cave in and collaspe..... My only thoughts after that were, oh shit! Why did this happen? Omg, are any of my family members in Manhattan right now??

R.I.P. to all that were lost in the 9/11 attack.

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