Sunday, September 13, 2009

'& the LAMEST DUDE award goes to...'

This is all I am blogging about the VMAs for now.

Kanye West is the biggest jerk ever... Scratch that!

Update - 1:39pm
I put up the video clip of Kanye 5 year old behavior but of course Viacom deleted it from YouTube.... I tried to go on his blog to leave a comment under his "apology" to Taylor Swift but he took it down this morning... Here's what I was gonna send him anyways:

"On a night that was suppose to be dedicated to Michael Jackson, the most AMAZING entertainer to ever walk the earth, you just couldn't contain the JACKASS in you... For one night, you just couldn't surpress your natural ASSHOLE nature could you? Kanye, you are by far the most disrespectful person alive and I REFUSE to continue supporting your bullshit! I thought it was an absolute DISGRACE when you pulled that crap a few years ago at the EMAs after you didn't win the Video of the Year award (I believe it was that award show) but this year, you stooped to an all new low. For someone who doesn't even qualify for the FEMALE Video of the Year award, what made you think it was appropriate to embarass Taylor Swift and Beyonce like that?? The poor girl just finished saying how shocked and happy she was to win that award and you had the AUDACITY to take that shine away from her? Just because you felt someone else was more deserving? Who the hell died and made you God??!

It doesn't matter who you or anyone else THOUGHT should have won, that fact of the matter is, Taylor Swift got it! Give respect where it's due! There was absolutely nothing "real" about you interrupting her acceptance speech and announcing who you thought the award belonged to. You had absolutely NO RIGHT to grab the mic away from that girl and ruin a moment she didn't even believe would happend to her! For someone who directed the year's WORST video (Best I Ever Had), you have nothing to say about what was the best video! I'm from Toronto, Drake's hometown and I can't even believe he let you ruin his song like that! You should've stayed your ass in your seat and locked your damn jaw!!

You have no shame. YOU HAVE NO CLASS! You walk around with a screwface, some dark shades and your GI JANE "arm candy" and think you're automatically suppose to be respected when in fact, you don't deserved any of the adoration your heavily misguided fans give you. You should keep your "real" opinions to your damn self and stop force feeding your "realness" to people who don't give two shits what your opinion is!! I may only be one person out of billions, but this one person thinks you're PATHETIC and will no longer support you!! Your sorry excuse for an apology doesn't erase the fact that you're the LAMEST DUDE in the world. My 7 year old godson has more manners than you..... GROW UP!!"

... That's all!

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