Monday, September 14, 2009

Ugh x2

Last night's VMAs was ruined for me. You guys may think I'm going overboard with this new found dislike for Kanye after what he did but I'm not. I'm STILL dreaming about how exciting it would be and how honored I would feel to win my very first award and to think that someone like Kanye West could hop up on stage and steal such a surreal moment like that..... It's completely unforgivable ESPECIALLY because he's done it before! I was soooooo excited to watch the show, I was in such a great mood after seeing the MJ intro piece (minus Madonna) but that feeling was deminished quickly.... ugh!

I LOVED Lady Gaga's performance and her outrageous wardrobe changes, I loved the song Pink sung (didn't care about that circus performance), I thought Beyonce and Jay Z's performance were... MEH (where did Lil' Mama come from? LOL!) and Wale did his thing with the outros to commercial. Other than that, I couldn't get into it :(

..... The only fashion pics worth mentioning!

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