Saturday, September 5, 2009

I've been a victim more than once...

I'll never understand what others enjoy about doing FRAUD on other people. To me, it shows a lack of integrity and a sign that your lazy ass doesn't know anything about working hard to take care of yourselves!!

I'm only 25 and I've had more than one bank account frozen because someone either put a recording device at the [BRANCH] ATM I used and copied my debit card number or duplicated my card and put empty envolopes in the machine, attempting to withdraw thousands of dollars right away. Yeah, I'm not kidding and I DON'T APPRECIATE THAT SHIT!!

Another type of fraud that has happend to me was with my SIN#. That shit is the worst! When I was 18, I tried to get my first credit card by applying online. Before I got to the confirmation screen, another page popped up with a list of all kinds of things I had in my name and the dates I supposedly got them!! What was I doing with a student loan at 14?? A gas card account at 15?? A freakin line of credit at 16??? I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! *expletive, expletive, expletive!!!* :@ :@

It's been rough trying to repair my credit and it's still not where I want and need it to be. It's totally unacceptable and unforgiveable for someone to do that to someone else. It's cruel and uncalled for! I'd walk around with cash instead of my cards but with my luck, my wallet would get stolen... FML!!

We're all adults here so I'm sure we can grasp the concept of hardwork. Get a job! Better yet, work on your career!! Stop stealing from and frauding people who are just trying to live their lives!!

Ps... To the genius who recently put that empty "$2000" in my account, I set it up so that anything that's deposited is held for a week!! How did you like getting NOTHING back?? You got absolutely NOTHING out of doing that so, what was the point?? GET A LIFE YOU JERK!! *expletive, expletive, expletive*

-Ms. MusiQ HAAAATTTTEEESSS able-body people who are fu**in' lazy!

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