Sunday, September 6, 2009

Party Rant #3

Let me start off by saying, it is completely my fault why I had such a shitty night last night. I already knew that the party was gonna suck, but I went against myself anyways because my friends wanted to celebrate their birthday there.... *UGH*

Here's what went wrong last night:

* That particular venue cannot comfortably hold as many ppl as they let in the club! I arrived there at 11:30 and I could barely move past people! That is not safe and the fact that so many people are rammed into one little spot DOES NOT MAKE YOUR PARTY GREAT!

* If people are already tipsy or drunk at the door, WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING THEM INSIDE??? Your bouncers are clearly not doing their job...... Who told you I wanted to party with a dude vomitting up his life beside me? HE WALKED IN LIKE THAT!!! That isn't right and if your can't hold your liquor, stay home!!

* That text messaging thing is a reallly good idea but why wasn't it being filtered? Why are people calling out names and telling girls to go home and take care of their kids? Why are dudes telling girls to come back to Malvern and "moss with the man dem".... Grow up!!

* Your Dj.... *SIGH*.... Listen, if you can't mix the music properly, STAY AWAY FROM THE TURN TABLES!!!

* Who still fights in the club?? I know people must've been pissed off because it was too crowded but it's not that serious.... Two fights, one after another but you promoters decided to brush if off like it was nothing.... Wow! Now my safety is compromised just so you can go on facebook and brag about the "750+" people who can to your party? YOU'RE RUDE!!

* These idiots saw people throwing GLASS CUPS all over the place and didn't do anything about!! Didn't call for bouncers, didn't stop the music.... NOTHING! Had I leaned back and turn my head where I was sitting, I would gotten a glass cup thrown square in my face!! You mean to tell me that you guys are sooooooo begging for a crowd that you didn't care enough to control your people?? You are ALL LUCKY that the glass didn't hit me!


Ms. MusiQ will never go back to that whack party again!

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