Monday, July 20, 2009

My Toronto...

Known affectionately as "the screw face capitol", my Toronto is noisy and quiet at the same time. Bright lights and big TVs that rival (or at least try to rival) Times Square, freezing winters and suffocating summers (... sometimes, lol). My Toronto is CP24 in the mornings, MuchMusic/ Much More Music in the day and CTV dramas at night. Shopping on Queen/Yonge/Bloor/King streets, pricey fashion from Holt Renfrew and vintage finds in Kensington Market. My Toronto IS Caribana... known for sweet island music (steel pan!), yummy roadside dishes, vibrant colours and the costumes of people playing mass!!

During a time when we have waaaaaayyy too many condos in poor areas, too much construction on busy streets, too much violence, a STUPID strike and a bad economy, my Toronto is a city that continues to party hard on the weekends. DJs like Spoonz, Lissa Monet, Rych Kydd and the Legacy Soundcrew get busy spinning at our most popular clubs like Vola, Metro, Blvd Room, Sound Academy and Wetbar, just to name a few (I personally prefer to party at exclusive spots... smaller venues and NON-regulars!! LOL). Places like Wah Toos, Hung-Shing, Garden & Markham Station (or the regular old street vendor spot) get it poppin AFTER the club's over! My Toronto welcomes leaned heels, rainbow outfits, heavy make-up and skittle-style weaves with open arms!! Young boys in skinny jeans and graphic sweaters, young girls in short-shorts and claw-like neon nails, older men in tight, shiney suits and older ladies in prom dresses.... GOTTA LOVE IT!! LMAO!

My Toronto is Sunday brunches at Hot House with a live band), dinner at Jack Astor's or a nice, yummy sushi bar, lounging in Yorkville and long strolls along the Harbourfront. Sexy poetry shows at the Trane Studios (Victoria Grant, what up?!), live concerts at the Kool Haus, a brand new fashion/art market called Portobello East and street festivals like Afro-Fest and the Taste of the Danforth!

Home grown talent is in abundance here!! From musicians like Melanie Fiona, Drake & Julie Black... TV personalities like Dan & Jessie from MTV (Tika, I see you mama!!), Traci Melchor and Leah Miller.... Industry heads like Lola Luv, Amol Gupta (StandOut Ent), Karla 'HustleGRL' Moy, the ladies at Patent Magazine and the fellas from the 1 LOVE T.O. movement.... What don't we have here??

The most important thing is, my Toronto "SUPPORTS, LOVES, PUTS ON AND HOLDS IT DOWN" (thx Lissa)! I'll probably have a love/ hate relationship with this city for as long as I live, but it's good to know there's a A LOT of dopeness inbetween......

What's your Toronto got going on?

--Ms MusiQ LOVES the T Dot.......... today!

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