Monday, July 27, 2009

Art is art.... Everything under that umbrella counts!

I had a conversation with my auntie the other day and it got me thinking... Can one person really be good at multiple things and can said person do all these things effectively?

Ok... Let me back up a bit. The conversation we were having was about what I'm doing with my life. My entire family has been on me for YEARS about post-secondary education but I continuously have to tell them, it's not for me. I have many reason why I decided against college/ university and because I am a stubborn person, I've been sticking to my guns! Now, my entire family understands that my heart has ALWAYS been in music and after a brief stint at Toronto Film School [I went for Sound Technology aka music production.... I never said I didn't try], I realized that it wasn't a good fit for me. I've always been a visual learner so naturally, if you show me something and I do it right after, I pretty much got it in the bag! When you sit infront of me and read out of a text book, my mind wonders and I go into peanut-mode [Charlie Brown throwback, haha]. Believe me, I know my strengths.

Anyways, aside from music [song writing and playing the piano, guitar & steelpan.... well, re-learning how to play them], I've been dabbling into different things like styling, photography and I even started thinking about owning real estate and owning a business. I know, I know... I'm already 25 but, as I've always been told, it's never too late. I told my aunt all these things and she pretty much set me on fire via screwface... Gotta love family! My aunt has always been about numbers. She did the school thing, got her degree, owns two business and has owned many homes. I know she's looking out for me but I realize that some people, mainly elders, just don't get that there is life outside of school. I'm not knocking anyone who has found bomb ass careers and/or great opportunities out of it, I'm just saying, it wasn't my thing!

Here's how the end of our conversation went:

I said, "Well, I still write music and I'm starting to play instruments again. I have the clients I style and I'm working on turning that into a business, plus I'm seriously thinking about picking up photography again!"

She.... just glared at me.

I said, "Umm [nervous laugh], what can I say lady.... I wear many hats. I'm a jack of all trades."

She said, "Learn how to stick to one thing,"
I pretty much left the conversation after that, but my question now is, why should I stick to one thing? I am an artist. Sure, when I was younger, I use to think that singers should stick to singing and actors should stick to acting but why limit ourselves to one thing if we can do more and to our fullest potential?

Example: I think Tyra Banks was an amazing model. The singing thing was NOT for her but I also think she's a great photographer and business woman [although her talk show can be corny and ANTM needs to retire.... in my humble opinion of course].

Another example: Terrance Howard is one of my favorite actors. He also plays many instruments VERY WELL, but singing is also not for him.

Very rarely do we have those multiple threats anymore, and one day, I asked myself, why can't I do all the things I love at once [not literally] and do them well? Why do I have to stick to one thing? Jamie Foxx is a great actor, an amazing singer and excellent piano player.... Why can't I also wear more than one hat? I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be successful at more than one thing, as long as I do them well and with enough passion to see them through.

Am I wrong??
--Ms. MusiQ wears many hats and wears them well!

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