Monday, July 20, 2009

Party Rant #2

Second message to party promoters:

- A restaurant with ONE dega-dega bar, fixures that cut the size of the floor space and a patio entrance at the back (filled with smokers) where no air can get in should NEVER be a spot you want to have your party!!

- I cannot believe the amount of people literally standing in ROWS, fighting to get drinks at that little ass bar and having to buy 5 or 6 drinks at a time because it was too much of a hassel to go back..... What the bloody? How about you pay attention to vital details like that you GENIUS!!

- Although the music was good, why did you think it was appropriate to have the "dance floor" in the little sectioned off room?? Oh, was it because there were too many fixures on the other side? Well then, PICK ANOTHER LOCATION!!

- It was entertaining to see that you guys thought to have dancers peforming to some of those BIG TRACKS from that era.... However, it was NOT a good look seeing one of the B-Boys man-handling his little sister..... TWICE, being kicked out of the restaurant (as he should've been), and then being allowed to re-enter because he's friend's with the owner................... You're really rude.

- People purposely throwing their glasses in corners because they were too STUPID to place them on the table next to them... *BLANK STARE!*
Ummm, were you raised by goats? Did you grow up in a barn?

............ Must you ALL lack common sense? SMH!

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