Monday, July 27, 2009

This summer has potential after all

I have to admit, things have been looking up for me these days & I'm VERY thankful! Two new jobs, a new god daughter, I've been reading more, about to REALLY get my Summer Body Fit back... Give or take a few snags (*ahem* you dudes are really trippin!), things have just been lovely!

Still, the weather has been putting a huge damper on my summer fun... Yesterday, I missed out on the opening of Toronto's new fashion/ art market, Portobello East, because it decided to rain none stop & flood everywhere!! Thank goodness I still went to the BBQ @ WetBar tho cause it was L-I-V-E!!!

I mean, yeah it turned into a club thing but the freeness didn't take away from the good vibes. Not to mention, DJ Spoonz was killin the bangers (thx for the SWV homie!) and everyone kept their drama, if any, to themselves! I ran into so many of my dope peeps, my ladies were up in the place looking lovely & I saw the hottest dudes I've never seen before (sadly, they were all 12)!!

Could THIS be the beginning of my summer?? Kind of late but I'm ready!!

-- Ms. MusiQ: Fresh obsessed!

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